now, the network has been fully penetrated into our lives. For us to provide fast and convenient but also brought trouble. Due to not see the real, consumers tend to be based on other people’s evaluation and sales to determine whether the purchase, however, the evaluation and sales of those around the consumers’ purchasing decisions, but inside the hidden mystery, full of traps.

retrofit online shopping "brush" impossible to guard against

Beijing Chen recently spent 799 yuan on the Internet to buy a ceiling lamp, but when the goods received, but he found that the quality of the lamp is not a good idea, but also for a.

Chen: This is the time I bought the lights, you see this is the actual delivery of goods manufacturers.

Reporter: This is the


Chen: Yes, you look at this location has been worn.

reporter: what else?

Mr. Chen: for example, the

side, there was knock marks, concave case.

this situation so that Mr. Chen was very puzzled, because he is a repeated comparison of online praise and sales, before the election of the lamp.

Chen: I was watching the following comments that this lamp is particularly good, especially the people who buy a lot of people also posted a photo of their arrival. I looked good only orders, but did not expect actually did not say good quality. Although all the praise, but here I didn’t pay attention to this place, writing is buying a LED lamp and a hook, sticking out of the map is the same with me the lamp. This comment page special, I used to buy things that really don’t pay attention to these details.

, that is to say, Mr. Chen bought a 799 yuan ceiling lamps, but the lamp in the page under evaluation, is actually for a LED lights and hook.

" " received promotion grafting; grafting; high commodity prices

has many years of experience in online shopping the senior buyer Ms. Zhang said, Mr. Chen met in fact is a kind of new sales – promotion scalping cheap products through low-cost high brush single product, and then the same goods on the shelves for higher value-added products, and through the real ones to confuse the public.

online shopping buyers Ms. Zhang: online often have a number of special items of goods, the price of the package even courier costs are not back. In the delivery of these goods often have such a business card package, not only the seller of the shop to build a group of buyers to brush their own single, there are such a professional brush organization.

Ms. Zhang

demonstrated this brush, she recently in Taobao online orders to buy a special offer USB fan, this marked the original price of 5 yuan fan was free shipping delivery price is only 2 yuan, received the goods with a piece of praise back card is 1 yuan, is given Ms. Zhang praised after the equivalent of only spent 1 yuan to get this.