news August 9th, billion state power network that the day before, China women’s swimming team player Fu Yuanhui because of the interview and conversation look lovely and interesting on the Internet quickly jump red, because of its "force field" work has also been called the "first girl". In the face of the explosion of money, Taobao owners have to follow suit to sell a variety of peripheral products Fu Yuanhui.

in this regard, billion state power network collected Taobao sold in various Yuanhui Fu of the same paragraph "products are as follows:

1 a variety of expression package design




Fu Yuanhui "field" mobile phone shell




Fu Yuanhui and "field force" surrounding the clothing



4 Fu Yuanhui glasses with the same paragraph


5 Fu Fu autograph



According to

billion state power network to understand, Fu Yuanhui became famous in the 2011 World Youth Championships, in the game, she won the silver medal in the 100 meter backstroke, and won the gold medal in the national swimming championships. 2011 seven city meeting, Fu Yuanhui won the 4X100 meter freestyle relay gold medal, which is her first national comprehensive event gold medal. In January 31, 2014, Australia held five swimming tournament women’s 50 meter backstroke champion Fu Yuanhui. The 2014 Inchon Asian Games 100 meter backstroke champion.