in the new year, the home do not know what to bring back, suddenly think of Mr. love to eat white chocolate lover, remember the last time a friend sent me a box of my home is Mr. eaten, to see him so I love to eat or surprise, he usually always eat very picky, especially dessert eat do not eat, did not think the White Lover let him love, may be out of Mr. love, my white lovers also makes it more of a different feeling, a white lover mentioned will think of Mr. lover that delicious to eat white face feel warm.

just this time Oh sea purchase (, launched the new year special white white limited edition gift box, can I buy some to take home, I think the family will love this very new and very special gift.


white white chocolate biscuit not only sweet and crisp, and its origin is a legend, there is a romantic love story:

is said to be "White Lover" the origin of the name is very romantic. A master cakes in winter made a delicious cookies, one day, he saw a rival lover of transnational snow in the snow, received the warm scene moved, then this delicious cookies have a beautiful name.

white lover, is produced in Hokkaido city of Sapporo stone business club a fruit column chocolate sandwich Griddle Cake. It originally had two flavors of white chocolate and milk chocolate, followed by dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has a sweet taste, but no chocolate. The packaging is designed by white and color tone, the middle with Mt. Rishiri photos.

no matter what holiday, white lover is a most warm gift, this is also oh sea purchase ( on the occasion of the new year to everyone’s surprise, let more people know the White Lover’s romantic love story, also let a special love warm the whole winter. (text / Ji Liping)