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handles network, once the management out of control, stick to the initial business model of the group purchase site was acquired, "let the dead group purchase of rampant again. Electricity supplier Jun believes that the prevalence of this argument stems from the confusion of the concept of the business model and the development of the industry misleading.

group purchase dead? Dead, the class Groupon group purchase model would remain difficult to continue, currently on the market mainstream group purchase platform is no longer Groupon type group purchase play, but a derived from the group purchase discount based life service O2O model, the service life of the O2O business model because it is the rise of group purchase website, so we call them "O2O group purchase mode".

class Groupon why buy mode is not the key lies in whether their business model is profitable, but that is not the life of the service O2O users just need to buy, the lack of commercial imagination. Group purchase just one of the O2O service life scenes, the most typical is the business group purchase offers a one-stop, forming a virtual product coupon type, then the consumer in a certain time and place. In addition to soliciting function and price advantage, group purchase neither help businesses to resolve the issue of profit O2O (price discount is harm to business interests as a precondition), nor to provide consumers with practical convenience (just cheaper, efficiency and user experience is not high).

electricity supplier in Jun view, group purchase is a very primary service life of the O2O product form, group purchase service for users is not really just need (except for movie tickets discount), the biggest role is to connect users and businesses to complete the mission in the early days of O2O, and to develop life service O2O users use habits.

so, then just need to type group purchase service when a similar movie ticket coupon favored by consumers, the concept to the United States delegation led by the group purchase website began to weaken the group purchase, close to the O2O users just need to transition to more services through a series of preferential ways, such as to the online reservation, online ordering, hotel reservations and other functions Wade, belonging to the "Indoorsman Indoorswoman" just need to take out business. It can be said that the offer has gradually become an important part of the O2O group purchase mode, but no longer is the cornerstone of business model building group purchase platform, solve the service life of O2O consumer pain points become the new starting point of the group purchase platform to build its business model.

is even more important, gradually formed a comprehensive platform of O2O group purchase platform trading and advertising as well as in the transition process, can provide more marketing services for businesses, which are derived from the class of Taobao profit model. In other words, the platform to buy through the formation of preferential business closed loop transaction model to comment on a certain transaction costs, while advertising and promotion platform to earn advertising fees.

addition, the public comment, the United States and other groups to buy a small group platform is also gradually to build Eco