news June 7th, clothing online shopping brand VANCL (VANCL) again spending huge sums to increase outdoor advertising efforts, this is the second in May 4th VANCL in Beijing after the bus shelters advertising light boxes and a more violent delivery. It is reported that the launch will be a comprehensive coverage of Beijing, Shanghai subway, bus, put efforts to increase five times last month. As VANCL brand spokesperson Han Han also appeared for the first time in outdoor advertising.

industry insiders believe that the current major Internet brand promotion campaign in full swing, Taobao, Jingdong and other enterprises significantly increased the cost of brand promotion. VANCL in the outdoor media continued generous investment not only for running the Internet is a necessary complement, while Han Han advertising interpretation of "civilian fashion" and "fashion" will attract a large number of users in the dive line.

where the articles Han Han interpretation of civilian fashion

"love network, love freedom, love night, love food stalls at night, love also love the car, 29 pieces of T-SHIRT, I am not what the standard bearer, not who’s endorsement, I am Han Han, I represent my own. I like you, I’m like". Han Han passenger endorsement ad appeared in Beijing, Shanghai stop advertising, will usher in a large number of media sought after.

Micro blog

popular, Han Han, where the fans will have photographed Han Han version where customers stop advertising upload. Some netizens said that this advertising better fit the Han Han personal brand and corporate culture where the customer demands. In his view, Han Han’s brand image ", quite out of the ordinary citizen spirit", and Eslite has been advocating "popular fashion, civilian fashion theme fit.

"I’m like" also appears in every guest in another brand advertising spokesperson Wang Luodan. Where the customer according to the relevant person in charge, after Han Han, Wang Luodan brand endorsements, where the company with well-known advertising company creative. After half a year of preparation, "I’m like" the idea was finally determined.

every guest to skilled precision Internet advertising strategy, covering almost all important websites. Under this kind of overwhelming network marketing, VANCL has achieved great success, the growth of 300 times in three years. It is understood that the customer management last year identified the plan to promote mass line, and to find where the customer brand spokesperson in three places, eventually heavily signed Han Han and Wang Luodan.

Internet brand war in full swing

brands on the Internet, does not seem to be satisfied with the mere label on the internet. It is reported that the customer of the advertising strategy is surrounded by line target population: Vanguard in Internet advertising coverage on large and small sites, forming extensive influence, affect the work of white-collar workers, ordinary people are the only way which must be passed on, to achieve full coverage on the line.

2010, e-commerce industry investment in brand promotion significantly increased. First, Taobao and Hunan TV joint 1>