Abstract: To sum up, people buy a Volkswagen car, car home; buy a ten middle car, the car was okay; buy Puladuo, Mercedes BMW and other imported cars, and want to save hundreds of thousands, the hunting vehicle was born with a price advantage. Each clearly have various coexist, the originality, very harmonious.


now what about "professional", even if the lack of professional ability, professional spirit, like the recent Japanese news, "take five hours lying on the underpants, sewers, as well as netizens praise.

in today’s automotive industry, in order to allow consumers to buy a car, the car, the internal price, the group purchase price of electric cars, all kinds of underwear is dazzling, but from the perspective of consumers, but also really need to "pa pa".

here I think now buy a car to save money, there are three main ways. Two kinds of non mainstream, a mainstream. But each kind of way, to "professional grilled underpants" spirit can not be fooled.

non mainstream two kinds of car cheap way to save up to 100000

first to talk about the two ways of non mainstream, which is suitable for real professional consumers. First, buy niche models especially, you can go to the forum, Post Bar, or "cat", or "post", or find some so-called "launched their own group purchase". The most inviting 4S shop all the group purchase, but niche models, not to mention the ten car, even three or four orders for the car, the store was enough to cause attention. The niche car consumers love often hold together, called "club", so the possibility of successful group purchase is very high.

at the same time, niche car manufacturers shipping channels very much, you will often have unexpected harvest. I once met with car manufacturers to offset advertising, advertising company has 30 percent off of the market price of the sales price, the forum only channel?. You see the information, and then organize a group buying, advertising companies back to the organizers…… Alipay secured transactions, security or not, the final wave of cheap for fifty thousand blocks per comrade. Who said that the sky will not fall pie?

second ways, a little patience. At the end of the quarter, six months late, at the end of the year, 4S are cheap sale, because you can get rebates and substandard performance rebate manufacturers, this is not a secret. But it is difficult to do not know where you are in the 4S store performance. As a result, often running errands, ground call become compulsory homework. Different 4S shop, the price difference of tens of thousands of errands, meet the eye everywhere, the million, than a month to work to pay labor is much lower, Why not?


mainstream way more knowledge, you will understand it after reading

more than two non mainstream way, organized, blood, consumers can have time to try, but all of them belong to the need to "jump Teng". So the vast majority of people will certainly choose "ready-made". Now.