September 11th, China high entertainment network CEO said in an interview with reporters, compared to the.Com domain and.Cn domain, more acceptable, the website will not consider buying the domain name.Cn.

      recently, anecdotal burning is in talks with domain name holder acquisitions, but high denied this in an interview with reporters. "Now many well-known sites are using the.Com domain name" high, compared with the.Cn domain,.Com domain name is more acceptable, "163 is an example of" burning ", that is a good site for its content, the domain name has such a great influence".

      it is reported that the China entertainment network formerly known as paparazzi, officially renamed in July 9th this year, and at the same time, the opening of the new domain name According to informed sources, "the domain name is also high price by way of cash and shares to buy".

      according to a domain name auction,,,, and other domain names will be auctioned in Beijing this month. (commissioning editor admin01)