according to voice of the economy, "the world of finance" reports, if you are Master you to online shopping, online for the word "certainly no stranger. Now, more and more manufacturers launched the electricity supplier for the products in the electronic business platform. In the eyes of the seller, the electricity supplier for products has always been the main force promotion war and the sales miracle; however, in the eyes of some consumers, it has often been labeled "no good cheap goods" and "quality shrink label. Then, the electricity supplier for products and line sales of general merchandise and what is the difference? Quality guaranteed


"business for" product quality has been questioned


Beijing had purchased an electronic business platform for the electricity supplier a towel, but after receipt of the goods found its quality than the supermarket has shrunk a lot.

Liu Xiaojie: "I am a roll of paper in a large electricity supplier supermarket to buy, then it’s packed with me in the supermarket to buy this brand and is as like as two peas, doing activities, count down to half cheaper than the supermarket, but then buy it back, his hand was too thin to light a lot a lot, then go to the supermarket on it is not, in a prominent position on the number of grams is actually marked, he is much lighter than the supermarket."

has also suffered a minority of consumers, Mr Jin Fan bought a net for the heart, also on the quality of questioning.

Kim: "before a treasure bought an electric fan, he marked above is designed for online, said the quality and the store is as like as two peas, but had to worry about, because when I was in the store around the Internet to your products than a few hundred dollars, the noise than the store to see buy a house after feeling a little."

said the electricity supplier online and offline no difference

and the reporter in an electronic business platform for the electricity supplier search found that such goods there are many small, daily chemical products, clothing shoes and hats, large TV air conditioning and other household appliances. So what is the difference between this kind of commodity and ordinary goods for a certain brand of air conditioning, the reporter consulted the electricity supplier’s customer service staff.

customer service: to help you consult a number of, you say this cold and warm air conditioning, is a special custom business, is a special agent Jingdong, other platforms are not sold."

the customer service staff said that the air conditioning for the quality and customer service are the same with ordinary products, does not have what difference.

customer service: "this is the same commodity, then there is a problem if customer service warranty is guaranteed for 6 years, does not have what difference, but is a specialized agent by Jingdong, the sale of no other platform."

avoid channel price positive conflict

a well-known household electrical appliance enterprises in charge of Mr. Wu (a pseudonym) said that the majority of enterprises on the online and offline products are mainly based on two aspects to consider.

Mr. Wu: "the network user is not the same as the product itself, the selling point or the appearance."