to double eleven time, last year, 11 billion to Ali group to make the eye. This year, double eleven is said to be more interesting to play O2O, consumers can participate in the activities of the line to go to the O2O store to scan two-dimensional code to receive coupons. Planning the activities of Ali O2O, intended to pull the front line from the line, the impact of the activities of the eleven double amplification. This plan seems simple, but in fact for O2O, the parties have a deeper wait and see. Double eleven O2O after what will the future development of the line, the seller will decide on what path to follow is worth? After thinking about the problem.

what do consumers think?

is the coupon attracted many consumers still willing to take time to go shopping to each store to receive coupons, coupons can be most of the store are together in the mall, the road is also not far from each other. Be attracted to the store to the consumer, in addition to leading coupons, regardless of consumption or not will make the price behavior, then consumers may also pretend to pick clothes, try to size, finally it will not pay, write down the number or after scanning the two-dimensional code to heaven cat.

How do you think of the



first participation in O2O activities can get free shop display opportunities, Tmall large flow plus coupons motivation, can bring a lot of popularity to the offline store, popular can drive sales, this is the reason it seems. The consensus view that the electricity supplier to line the impact is not small, if the seller in cooperation with the electricity supplier line can alleviate the impact of competition, O2O will develop the pace in the future, the O2O reserve in advance experience to understand the rules of the industry, is conducive to the accumulation of advantage in the competition. Once again for the company, regardless of the online and offline who is the winner is a victory.

what will happen to


Ali know consumer guide to the next line, it might take a small part of the flow, but let consumers go directly to the store to parity, Ali is not afraid of price, known as the audience a minimum of half off of the double eleven Carnival in the price never lose to offline sellers, more than the price of online shopping consumers desire. On the other hand, guide consumers to the store to try it out, help to reduce the return rate, the service can enhance a grade. If the line sellers do well, even beyond expectations, although Ali was diverted to bear the loss, but Ali which can make use of the experiment, the development of the O2O business, to dig more gold, Ali needs a new gold mine. So no matter what the outcome of the experiment will be the last, Ali is the biggest winner.

Ali will play a role in O2O?

either offline sellers or consumers want a high level Taobao O2O platform, although the group purchase belongs to O2O, but not because of the climate, profit and market share of the largest department store in this piece has not yet joined Ali most want to open is >