review: the workplace, every one of us is to be used for decades to fight on the battlefield, is a marathon of life. Success in the workplace will have a certain amount of luck, but more with your efforts and life, work methods are inseparable. Recently, WeChat circle of friends in the heat transfer of an article, with the details of the differences between the students to explain the difference between 20 years of career achievements, it is worth considering……


and go nine game and the outcome of each Liu Lirong, observing the situation of

Liu Lirong, chairman and President of Hunan Yiyang, Gionee communication group, mobile phone net worth of 1 billion 500 million yuan, the average monthly sales of 450 thousand, annual sales exceeded 5 million, the group’s annual profit of over 300 million yuan.

Li Sheng, Hunan, Xinhua, university students of the University of Shanghai, is now a technician of an electronics company in, monthly income of 5000 yuan.

Li Sheng and Liu Lirong was originally the best college students, but also a pair of the original break with Guangdong, living in a dormitory, no money when hungry brothers together. However, over the past 10 years, these two interests, hobbies close brother, why the fate will have such a big gap? Recently, I interviewed Li Sheng, to find a cause from his deep understanding and reflection……

4 years classmate

selling milk bread, he always earn more than seven or eight yuan

Li Sheng Xinhua County, Hunan province. In September 1990, he enrolled in the school in the city of Changsha South Industrial university. The day after the registration back to the dormitory, he said to see a classmate is buried alone: "brother, we go, two disc?" two people playing chess while chatting. Through conversation, Li Sheng learned that the new student named Liu Lirong, from Yiyang rural. Since then, with the dormitory they often play chess, chat.

sophomore, in order to earn the cost of living, Liu Lirong proposed the use of the time after the evening study, to the boys to sell milk and bread. Li Sheng is responsible for the promotion of three or four boys dormitory, Liu Lirong is responsible for the five or six dormitory. At first, two people can earn up to $six or seven per night, but Liu Lirong’s money earned more and more, but the less the more money he earns, the more money he makes from the. Li Sheng is not convinced, two people can exchange to sell the dormitory, Liu Lirong every night can still earn seven or eight yuan of money. One day, Liu Lirong saw Li Sheng wearing a sweat through the shirt, holding a box of food ready to go out, he will see light suddenly said: "you too do not pay attention to detail. Like you dirty, who would dare to buy your food? "After Li Sheng Liu Lirong’s advice, they will clean up before going out every night, after a period of time, his" business "was gradually up.

this after the event, Li Sheng admire some of the details of the merits of Liu Lirong. Since then, Li Sheng study very hard, when he got a third class scholarship 800 yuan, but because of the usual study of love, but also like to look at the economic management of Liu Lirong