news August 16th, the day before, what is worth buying, combined with Amazon Japan Lotte Japan, South Korea, 11 modern shopping street, Gmarket and other well-known enterprises in Japan and South Korea South Korea launched the Amoy festival".

What is worth buying

according to the introduction, "South Korea Amoy Festival lasts from August 1st to August 22nd, the special pages include main venue, chop hand guide, dry cargo sharing three part, users can see other Master scouring the sea and the sea Amoy commodity recommendation experience, including the purchase of skills, mall Raiders, credit card transport etc..

It is reported that

, at a time when Japan and South Korea traditional Obon, business promotion efforts in large and the Japanese Amazon, Lotte Japan, Korea modern shopping, 11 street, Gmarket and other partners will also provide users exclusive price what is worth buying.



in the category of goods, what is worth buying the relevant person in charge, this activity has taken "the explosion of a single product and commodity Elliot" strategy, covering sports, life, daily 3C digital medicine, functional products, maternal parenting, comics, toys, stationery, tea, snacks, skin beauty, Japan and South Korea fashion clothes, bags, job occupation equipment such as Japan and South korea.

billion state power network from what is worth buying related survey data in the online shopping overseas Chinese was informed that in 2015 the overall market size has reached nearly 1 trillion yuan, of which, Japan and South Korea popular commodity. In addition, ant cellular travel network released the "global tourism shopping report 2015", also shows that China tourists in Japan and South Korea have per capita tourist expenditure has been more than 7000 yuan. Japan and South Korea become one of China’s most popular sea Amoy countries.

What is worth buying

responsible person pointed out that to billion state power network in fact, after several years of development, ad market has gradually matured, in addition to the commodity category expanding, consumer psychology is more mature and rational. In response to this situation, what is worth buying recommended products will be more detailed, biased in favor of the choice of more practical, more efficient products.

and in the Korean Amoy market, had mainly rely on human purchasing, circle of friends to promote, the channel is not formal, the cost is higher, the situation is barbaric growth. "In the past, many people may not know South Korea business website, but now, what is worth buying these links on the home page, users know what is worth buying, and found the above things, more cost-effective than at home to buy more fidelity, choose a wider range." The responsible person said, what is worth buying in this process plays the role of introducing Han tao.