we play red on WeChat and QQ, is always the point moves, are a bit tired. But in the evening, WeChat itself in their own WeChat platform played a red envelope. In fact, the beginning I do not know if this is WeChat launched the red envelope function, thought it was a circle of friends who own some technology spoof masterpiece, until the time at night, see a circle of friends to send "red envelopes photos" of the article, this is a national red beta WeChat, the circle of friends name and add pictures button into different gold. In this way a small release red photo feature, it caused a variety of curious circle of friends, whether you know or not, are always cheap to poke a poke.


quick fuzzy pictures of people still immersed in the circle of friends in the tide of WeChat, who is slow already perfect miss this function: say 8 line red photo function has come to an end in the afternoon when more than 6. In all this grand in smooth water after the marketing of Red Carnival, may have been a red WeChat preheating official, but appeared in the process of bad pictures, malicious Tucao, and even the number of fuzzy photo viewer psychological comparisons, there are friends laugh: "thank you WeChat friends give us a not self the afternoon." It can be said that a super APP, no matter what you can play to explode!

A small

WeChat, can be said to make friends with a new creative flavor, the activation of the circle of friends usually that is not a lively atmosphere, so that each involved WeChat users to give full play to their own independent ideas, how to make their own a red picture by hand base could not resist a poke and make them feel uncomfortable feeling. In fact, in the circle of friends to send this red photo "two points must be done, is a title to write a novel temptation, the two is the picture material must be able to arouse people’s curiosity and must be value for money, or the war of words again. However, some people are using the "red harbour evil designs photos released some shady pictures, for this kind of person can only use two words to describe" contempt ", completely destroyed the circle of friends should have the characteristics of environment. This is also one of the reasons for the end of this WeChat red photo campaign.


WeChat national red envelopes this circle of friends really have a sense of universal participation, the participation of all people may be the core of these mobile Internet products continue to update the creative power. The WeChat national envelopes beta, I exist about three questions and views.

question 1: red envelopes feature will be popular in the circle of friends


for the red envelopes feature will be popular in the circle of friends after the use of the problem, I personally think this is unlikely. For the red envelopes, the entertainment is far greater than the