travel, currently in the best of times. When we sum up the industrial logic, it will be found that the tourism industry is experiencing great opportunities brought about by double positive. On the one hand is the rise of the middle class consumption brought about by changes in the structure of consumer spending, tourism is expected to become the largest industry to benefit from flexibility. On the other hand, because of the lack of logistics restrictions on the transformation of the industry technology is more obvious, the reconstruction of many commercial mode; especially the rise of mobile Internet in 2014, the line was able to get through, so as to provide better services for consumers, but also makes the tour of the most important data link in line to the formation of large data is collected, as before, in the future, closed after, provides a good opportunity for development.

a, O2O opened the second generation of three-dimensional internet prelude

travel as a place of life services, which covers the eat, live, travel, travel, shopping, entertainment, and each one may collide with the Internet sparks. So this report, let us jump out of the traditional tourism research perspective, from a broader life service (eat, live, travel, travel) concept, to re-examine the changes in all aspects of the industry.

mobile era for the service life of the field, that in the past to be blind spot information will be covered in the greatest degree, effective docking and online data line service, to build a complete ecosystem including human services, cash flow and information flow.

when different business models were created in the background of the technological revolution, the Internet is also quietly completed self evolution: to rise to the "platform + big data form their own brain, down through the" Internet plus "in the real world have their tentacles – from plane to three-dimensional, from virtual reality, O2O opened the prelude to the second generation of the Internet era. Whether the cloud or on the ground, is a vast world; whether large or small business, all have a brilliant future. Transformation is imperative, up or down is not a problem, the ability to win the final fight is the determination and execution of the enterprise.

two, up, Internet companies into the platform + big data era

1) life service platform emerged, diversified demand one-stop meet

in recent years, the most popular platform of Internet enterprises "," big "and" full "will become their main characteristics," crossover "or extension of the industrial chain may be key, the product will not be confined to a particular field of small segments of the market, product types dominated by standardization. The essence of the back of the platform, the traditional offline channels online, because of improved efficiency, the short term price of C end of a decline in the space (compared with the traditional channels), so that consumers benefit, promote the growth of online penetration.

but why now the cost of Internet companies is getting higher and higher because of the Internet to break the geographical restrictions of the population, the long tail of the industry leader will cover the most