speed transit network August 2nd news, communication in yesterday’s "Dunhuang network media", Dunhuang network founder, CEO Wang Shutong said, now the Internet natural gathering real-time information of large, bank lending and financial services have a foothold, Internet banking is the trend.

Dunhuang network founder, CEO Wang Shutong (speed transit network plan)

communication conference, Wang Shutong, China traditional trade no space can be compressed, the emerging market for Chinese commodity purchase demand is very strong, the emerging markets in Russia, Brazil, the rapid growth of Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and other emerging markets two echelon. Through the investigation, many sellers on our platform to take advantage of the first mover, are actively layout Russia, Brazil and other emerging markets, to build their own brands.

In view of the recent

industry about the Internet financial development will have an impact on the traditional financial Wang Shutong, combined with Dunhuang network development pointed out that financial innovation service in the small and medium-sized enterprise, Dunhuang very early explored attempt. She said that in 2011, Dunhuang and China Construction Bank conducted a cooperation, the development of the whole process of online business based on the transaction, the order of the real time loan products.


merchants have a credit line, can apply directly online, according to the Dunhuang construction bank network reputation, can be directly to the merchant loans, and later Dunhuang and China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank in the cooperation of different bank products are not the same, but the truth is the same." Wang Shutong talked about and bank cooperation, "with data trading platform, such as customers in the transaction amount, frequency, risk control, credit; for the banks, is willing to do small and micro enterprises, if there is no data to support these ideas, it is difficult to fall, banks only focus on large enterprises is not a long-term solution."

Wang Shutong pointed out that some businesses are in transit or platform in the business, but they have no more data, now the bank also noticed this one, Dunhuang network and Minsheng Bank also talk about cooperation. Electronic business platform for the bank, is a wide range of coverage, the bank can develop different products based on data."

it is understood that after nine years of accumulation, to achieve more than and 100 million domestic suppliers Dunhuang online network platform, 25 million kinds of commodities, in over 224 countries and regions of the 4 million buyers of the scale, 100 thousand hour buyers online purchase, every 6 seconds to produce an order. Dunhuang network has not slowed the pace of adjustment, Wang Shutong said that the next Dunhuang network will be purchased and Yiwu cooperation, while the company will also be a major pattern adjustment. (Chen Xue)