at present, as long as a talk about e-commerce, a large part of the human brain will think of B2C, C2C and B2B, in contact with a good network before buying, I have such a point of view. Later, it was found that there are fourth e-commerce business model – IBS business model. What is the business model of IBS? IBS (Internet+ Business+ business model of Internet business service Serve) refers to the electronic commerce and the traditional business mainstay just unfolding seamless and organic integration, is a specific application of Internet information technology in the traditional business. Its essence is the traditional business into the online sales platform.

The healthy development of

e-commerce, it is necessary to achieve the combination of traditional business and e-commerce, to achieve the upgrading of traditional business. How to achieve the organic integration of the two, which determines the future development of traditional business road. IBS business model is a good solution to the integration of the two.

perhaps readers will feel that this is the same as B2C, but I would like to say that this model into the C2C and B2C dual concept, is a combination of the two models and upgrades.

The rapid development of

shopping websites, so many Internet entrepreneurs Amoy to gold, but also hurt a part of traditional business tycoon. Some companies have begun to explore the road of e-commerce, but with little success. Why the United States can be such a giant WAL-MART, and can successfully achieve the docking of traditional retail and online mall, and we can not do it?

personally think that enterprise B2C road is also a long way to go. B2C has two different ways: one is purely business e-commerce site, is the most representative of the Amazon Co, has been in a loss position; the second is the DELL computer company and WAL-MART chain, a good momentum of development has become the industry giants. The same operating conditions B2C, why is there such a big difference? The reason we realize that, should not be set up e-commerce era B2C task all depend on these start empty-handed website, the website started by B2C is difficult to develop its own brand products, industry and the transformation from traditional enterprise; B2C is more likely to like a store, specializing in their own brand products. Therefore, the traditional business e-commerce has its advantages.

WAL-MART’s success lies in its operation in traditional stores while opening up the online mall business. But the current situation is concerned, not every enterprise can invest a huge cost from the construction site, the development of electronic commerce, not to mention the late maintenance and site operations, so the blind establishment is not scientific. Although the number of Internet users in China is increasing and the number of online shopping is increasing, the annual turnover of Taobao is always inspiring. However, as a traditional business, the development of e-commerce is not to give up the traditional store operations. How to integrate e-commerce and traditional business is the bottleneck of the development of e-commerce.

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