October 13th news, Jingdong’s pat Network announced today, pat micro shop will be officially opened to the online auction business, and provide a unified WeChat payment function.

The person in charge of

pat micro shop said that currently have pat micro shop order management, CRM (such as coupons, membership, integral), shop decoration, logistics inquiries, customer service and service functions, in addition to the flow of PC interoperability, support a variety of payment payment, including WeChat.

currently pat micro shop orders accounted for 40% of WeChat from the scene, the phone comes from the QQ scene, there are 40% from the space, micro-blog, forums and other channels.

According to the

pat micro shop responsible person said, the Jingdong and the Tencent strategic partnership based on pat will also through the center of the entrance of WeChat and mobile phone on the QQ pat micro shop provides solutions in WeChat, Q center project. At the end of October, mobile phone QQ will give a pat on the opening of the two level entrance, then pat micro shop will be a wide point of independent businesses drainage instrument, and 1:1 advertising subsidies to businesses.