according to the net purchase price of a web site recently released test data show that in October China’s group buying market turnover fell by 11% in September, a slight decline. At the end of October, the domestic group purchase websites in 20.5% sites in the past month has no longer update group purchase commodity information. Buy market in China, where the more than 5 thousand buy site, a total of more than 1000 buy site has been updated or has been revised, or even suffered a direct closure of the fate. Innovation workshop Li Kaifu had previously predicted that 99% of the site will buy the site, only to survive the market to become the dominant four or five."

At present,

company all-powerful on the Internet is ten years after eight years of experience, too much to test the talent shows itself. In contrast, many domestic group purchase website development, but is experienced in Kung Fu rapidly from zero to hundreds, even thousands of people can be rapidly scale. In joint venture Gaopeng as an example, the peak of employees more than 3000 people, the most exaggerated period, the Ministry of personnel recruitment number more than 100 people every day, morning interview, afternoon entry posts, called a scene.

steady propulsion is not recommended for all corporate decision makers, but no matter what age, not lack of quick figure. Wo Wo Group was founded three months in Erdos substation, a list are not, but the employees are paid." A lawyer who had taken over the company because of layoffs triggered labor arbitration case, said he could not understand the company’s business model and the meaning of existence.

"national group purchase website census data bulletin" shows that by the end of October this year, a nationwide 1483 group purchase websites closed or quit the group purchase market, in the fierce competition among them, the number of group purchase website only closed in October reached 456. In the last round of the group purchase war, defeated the group purchase website is almost due to funding strand breaks and forced delisting, "lack of funding for the group purchase website itself, must reduce the cost in order to survive, group purchase sites of the two is the cost of advertising and human." Hit group analyst Feng Po pointed out that compared with before a few months out, now to see the group purchase website advertising has been greatly reduced. Occupy buy information page is no longer a variety of buy turnover growth news, but a variety of buy site have declared bankruptcy, or because of layoffs and disputes.

more than and 200 cities in the country to provide service to buy the 24 coupons, is a member of the recent accession to the army. "Notify the company headquarters at the end of October of November 2nd for a withdrawal station, talk to us, only half a month’s salary." 24 tickets Fushun Railway Station staff said in an interview in the face, "the basic salary is only 1400 yuan, half a month is only 700." 24 coupon performance has been on the rise, but this does not mean that the profit, buy the site has been caught in the form of a mud foot deep cycle. Continue to strive for financing, expand the scale of business, put more marketing resources, and then