Sebastian Thrun is Udacity’s co-founder and CEO, but also quite as in the fields of science and technology, is a professor at Standford, founder of Google X labs, the research of automatic driving cars and Google glasses or the person in charge, MOOC (massive open on-line courses, a large open online course) actively advocate.

Udacity was founded in 2012, the company’s goal is to provide education for everyone. All courses on the Internet free of charge, some courses as long as the payment of $150 in tuition fees, but also to obtain effective credit. The number of startups offering similar services to the rapid growth of this trend is in line with market development: to get a bachelor’s degree, the average cost of over $100 thousand, but the same network provides "distance education" is not only a more compact schedule, the price is more attractive. MOOC is considered by many to be the development direction of the future education, but this kind of service is still in the early stage of development. For example, one of Udacity’s partners, San Jose State University, said this week that it would suspend its online courses until the spring of next year.

Thrun the Udacity is located in California mountain city office, received from the MIT Technology Review Magazine "IT" editor Rachel Metz interview. Here’s part of the interview:

San Jose State University recently suspended the course originally released by Udacity, including high school students and San Jose state university students are affected. This decision is made in the light of the fact that the network courses are lower than the traditional ones, and the program will continue in the spring of next year. What do you think of this


in my opinion, students who participate in online courses are very serious, they insist on participating in the course, but as the passing rate is low, may also need to improve the training skills. We also asked for their opinions, and the students said they needed more time. Network teaching is indeed the two sides decided to run together. I am in favor of the decision to suspend teaching because it is also a choice for the purpose of providing high quality education to students.

since you founded the Udacity, online education has changed?

we believe that MOOC should help learners complete the course. According to a recent survey, the average course we offer is 85%, well above average. For MOOC courses, 5% or 4% of the process is not uncommon.

does have a considerable advantage in terms of progress. Udacity is how to do it?

there are two main points: first, learn to have income". Pay attention to the value of completing the course to obtain the certificate, and we choose >