technology news December 5th morning news, December 2nd, Alibaba group formally submitted to the court indictment, sued the brush single platform "silly push network suspected of serious harm to the market competition order, claims 2 million 160 thousand yuan. It is understood that in the case of the country’s first business platform sued the brush single Gang case, the court case has been submitted.

Ali platform management department official said, silly push net brush single illegal profit about 2000000, but under current laws only sentenced to about 100 thousand of the administrative penalty, administrative punishment is the effective punishment brushes, so Alibaba seeking through civil litigation, within the framework of the law responsibility of scalping organizer. The official also said that Ali once the win, all the compensation will be used to build a single brush fund to encourage more social forces to actively participate in the community of all the clues to the credit behavior of speculation and tracing.

90 Yang set up silly push network brush single business covers all electronic business platform, opened only a year to earn pots full bowl, in addition to Yang I profit 360 thousand, the rest of the total number of more than hand brush profit over 1 million 800 thousand. In April 5, 2016, the Alibaba group platform management department to report and assistance, market supervision administration of Hangzhou Municipality shall investigate and deal with the "silly push net", law enforcement officers on the spot seized relevant equipment and capital flow related financial documents.

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, Ali has set up a professional team to track the whereabouts of a single brush gang line. Only 16 years since April, except for "silly push net", has dealt with law enforcement continuously "the whole point," cattle grab "brush", "collar net", "blue sky", "blue sky" and other large fry channel platform.

in October 25th this year, eight Internet Co Alibaba, by the national development and Reform Commission, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the central network information office and other seven ministries invited, jointly organized the "anti scalping alliance", and through the "anti" brush "information sharing agreement" oath of anti scalping information sharing, the fight against cyber brush.