November 12, 2015, Jingdong double 11 big promotion perfect ending. Period, Jingdong 3C category overall sales record gratifying. From November 1st to 11, 24 points, Jingdong 3C category total sales of 28522383 units. Among them, the total sales of Jingdong mobile phone up to 2874031 units, the total sales of computer office category up to 14335143 units, the total sales of digital categories up to 11313209 units.


3C category gathered around the world a number of well-known brands, bringing together tens of thousands of high-quality products, high-quality services to ignite consumer enthusiasm. The Jingdong’s 11 big promotion period, Jingdong mobile phones, computer office, digital and other categories have achieved amazing success. With the continuous development in recent years, Jingdong mobile phone communication market leader of the image once again highlighted the Jingdong mobile phone communication has become well-known manufacturers of the military a hotly contested spot this year, double 11 is HUAWEI, Langyan fame, millet, apple, Samsung, Meizu, LETV enterprise sales ranking rise alternately, ultimately, HUAWEI, apple in mobile phone millet the top three sales, at the same time, HUAWEI and millet also created another miracle of domestic mobile phone sales. As the advantages of the traditional category Jingdong computer office sales also record high. During the double 11, the overall sales of computer (laptop, desktop) up to 647507 units, sales of the top three computer is Lenovo, DELL and Thinkpad won, while Lenovo has obtained the sales amount and sales champion. The traditional office equipment brand sales in the top three, were HP, deli, EPSON won. Digital category also illustrious victories, which drives the category brand sales of the top three, Seagate, Toshiba, WD. As a category of digital popular Huadan, the tablet category performance is quite outstanding, double 11 during the total sales of 309585 units, apple overwhelmingly topped two or three, HUAWEI glory millet, Canon, Nikon, SONY won; the outstanding sales of the top three camera category.

in this process, Jingdong not only gain the trust of partners, but also gain the recognition of consumers, Jingdong has become the preferred platform for consumers to buy 3C category.

from the mobile phone sales report, mobile phone market is more prosperous, November 1st -11, 12 noon, red rice Note2, iPhone6s, Le 1s, red rice A2, millet 4C, iPhone5s, 2, blue charm Charm Blue Note2, 4X, glory glory play 6 Jingdong selling models TOP10 landing mobile phone list. During this period, the fastest growing sales of new mobile phone brand is, LETV, our three win, hammer. Millet, HUAWEI glory, LETV, apple alternately gains the one-day sales champion. In the double 11 period, 499-799 yuan price segment mobile phone sales champion single product for red rice note2800-1199 yuan price segment mobile phone sales champion single product for music 1s, 1200-2299 yuan price >