e-commerce business you may often ask myself: how to reduce the loss of users? Some users of every hue, focus on price, some quality, some emphasis on brand, pay attention to a number of different styles, different points of interest, so we need to carry out precision marketing by household characteristics.

1, loyal customer

loyal customers in fact have been very fond of your shop, like this user to stimulate their desire to shop, then, you need some incentives, incentive programs.

user characteristics: loyalty to participate in concessions, feedback, points and other promotional activities with incentives, and because of loyalty, it is likely to spend more money in the invisible.

method: constantly remind, stimulate the user, causing shopping needs and desires, so that they know the benefits and benefits can be obtained.

2, saving

such users love online shopping, like cost-effective products, and like things encountered discounts, promotions and other activities will not hesitate to buy.

user characteristics: like to enjoy the pleasure of shopping sites, and pay attention to the benefits and discounts greater than the quality of the product, but in the end are generally less consumption.

method: for such users, need to be stimulated by different promotional activities. Special offer, panic buying, group purchase, clearance, shipping and so on, how to do promotional activities worth learning.

3, no type


type of the user is online by browsing the site to see, not under the right product, but ultimately buying are possible.

user features: no rest, multitasking, probably while watching the video while browsing, there may once again busy something else.

method: by mail, SMS remind users not complete orders and purchase products at the next demand will cause the attention; another is to give more incentives and preferential information, to do not buy not buy "mentality.

4, fear of trouble type

features: user shopping clean, agile, fast, want to immediately find the commodity purchase, do not love too much time delay.

method: this type of user is afraid of trouble, like simple, fast, so the most appropriate to provide the most suitable product requirements (conspicuous, suitable navigation and search bar), and the shopping process should be simple, fast. Good experience is their most valued, too cumbersome procedures will make them run, so enhance the user experience is the best policy.

5, large

features: the user user consumption big, is the favorite features of love, love all the products of or into the shopping cart, and then decide to buy which last order.

method: for this type