news June 10th, the domestic open source system iWebShop 2 beta version released today, and start the beta download address. IWebShop is based on PHP+MySQL development, poly easy iWebAX Series in a single user online store system, with the characteristics of flexible open source, many webmaster habitually linked with the well-known ECSHOP, in a few large source download station has a high popularity.

from the first version to the previous 0.9.2, iWebShop features continue to increase, but relatively weak in terms of user experience. According to official reports, as the iWebAX series of the first 2 versions of the software, the new version of the iWebShop kernel development, retention characteristics of the flexible and efficient series of open-source software, draw a large number of domestic and foreign well-known shopping website design, user experience has greatly improved, in addition to increase the rare functional group purchase, shopping cart, mini senior commodity screening similar software.

iWebShop2.0 part characteristics:

1, powerful commodity retrieval

iWebShop 2 provides an advanced commodity screening function, support the brand, classification, classification specifications, price range of a variety of conditions combined the selection of goods, commodity list can be sorted by a variety of ways, the default mode can be set, more accurate retrieval of goods.


2, convenient shopping process

new mini shopping cart, shopping cart and other fresh storage utility of the shopping cart, orders to fill the pages of block shopping sites use to save the design, and intelligent memory users shopping habits, make the shopping process easy and interesting.


3, a variety of marketing tools

system contains hot nowadays, flash sale, group purchase vouchers, built as many as 6 kinds of promotional activities can be custom set of rules, easy to deal with the harsh marketing plan.


4, improve the authority mechanism

rights management mechanism to support the background of each operating instruction free assigned operating instructions according to the administrator role flexible combination to achieve the clerk, manager, manager of different division of labor cooperation.


iWebShop 2 beta download address: