Wang Kexin technology boom Tencent reported on January 29th

loss in the performance of the United States, and the status of the former home appliance chain giant farther and farther. Yesterday, Gome released 2012 performance warning notice: due to the slowdown in the economy, China brought the stimulus out of overdrafts, consumer sentiment and confidence, and the company’s e-commerce business integration and investment in the cultivation period, performance in 2012 will still be a loss.

continued loss of a bad situation, as well as Suning Suning competitors in the field of electricity providers to forge ahead, forcing the United States must make a change. In fact, in order to reverse the unfavorable situation, the United States from the level of the holding company has started a new strategy to help themselves: slow down real estate, investment and other projects, to regain the retail based land lost". Last August, Wong Kwong Yu’s real estate projects by half off to 6 billion yuan Gome are sold to Hainan, which was interpreted as gathering funds to invest in business. At the beginning of the new year, Gome also closed shop, layoffs to reduce costs, the United States and the United States and its electricity supplier network also layoffs up to more than and 200 people.


announced a series of new strategies at the end of last year, specific measures include:

line of business, close Hongkong and operating low profit in the primary market stores, pay more attention to the second tier cities and the three or four market input;

online business, Gome will disperse the brand new beauty Kuba, integrated into the United States online after the unified planning, goal of e-commerce is the future of three years accounted for total sales of Gome 20%-30%.

But in the view of

insider, a series of initiatives of the United States is just a continuation of the United States, and high-rise structure adjustment in recent years, the Wong Kwong Yu family’s senior vice president of Gome appliances henchmen, Li Juntao played an important role.

Wong Kwong Yu wants absolute control

review of the previous two years Gome’s strategy, whether it is online or offline, to the outside world presents a kind of pondering the feeling. It’s hard to see." As a former executive from Cuba had accepted the interview results of all science and technology Tencent, Gome’s decision is finalized by Wong Kwong Yu, even if there is a good chance, or the United States, Cuba and other executives put forward good suggestions and strategies, mostly rejected or not below. The slow force, so that the United States and the online competitors Jingdong, Tmall, the difference between the line Suning Suning farther and farther.

is a home appliance insiders believe that in addition to slowing in recent years, home appliance chain stores under the line of force encounter consumer appliances sales decline, the impact of electricity providers and other external factors, the United States two years before the strategy is not clear, internal unrest is the essential reason for the continued loss of.

and the outside world is more interpreted as absence of Wong Kwong Yu, founder of Gome has hindered the overall development of the United States. The United States of America, urgent need