engaged in the promotion of a longer period of time for personal webmaster at Admin5, contact of every hue of personal webmaster, a source website, shopping website, domestic websites, educational websites, literary website etc.. However, the recent exposure to a business hotel signage, personal webmaster nameplate card I was impressed by my thoughts on personal website development, this is a personal webmaster mining characteristics of goods on sale, network planning, this paper I write to share with you.

what is the characteristics of goods, rather than the characteristics of the goods? The key for this "point" and "color", from the end of the word, is a commodity must have unique properties play a practical role. The characteristics of goods is now to discuss many of the characteristics of goods is good, the color can have fascinating characteristics of goods specifically with local or national cultural characteristics, ethnic handicrafts, folk crafts, special collections, or special custom artwork and characteristic services targeted goods. The analysis of the characteristics of goods and specialty goods, I suggest webmaster friends to e-commerce to develop the characteristics of goods, commodity is undoubtedly more pragmatic, its characteristics must have a certain market, but due to the lack of awareness of people, so there are great opportunities for development.


review my previous contact the webmaster friends, hotel signage, nameplate cards such goods how many opportunities? A lot of people are not likely to come into contact with the hotel industry, so we have to have a primary impression hotel. I think our luxury five star hotel, the hotel richly decorated hotel, various decoration, decoration are very expensive and elaborate. And now I come into contact with the hotel signage, nameplate is not card a huge opportunity for


in his friend sign on the site, I saw a lot of the hotel signage, gold and other essentials of design, manufacture and application scope of process and product characteristics, and other articles, these articles are very good interpretation of the theme. Signage website ads show many signs, hotel address, telephone card manufacturers contact. In the observation of the number of ads on its site, as well as the analysis of the flow of the site, the site’s revenue situation is not bad. This experience gave me a lot of inspiration, I think how many individuals are not able to find the true development of their own direction, the characteristics of e-commerce is a good choice.

characteristics of Commodity E-commerce has a very good development prospects, it is true, then our personal webmaster friends how to do it?

first, the individual owners need to do online market research, market analysis, mining opportunities.

I usually don’t approve of the first website to find the way of income, it is very unwise. Because of this, the site does not have its own characteristics, there is no fixed group, the site is difficult to find their own sales business, but not talk about income. Contact me