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billion state power network reported, vice president of Jingdong group where just send internal mail, ask the Jingdong cloud management working week for at least 70 hours, commonly known as "996" (9 a.m. to 9 p.m., 6 days a week).

broke the news provided by mail from the screenshots, since tomorrow (date unknown), Jingdong with all cloud team of T and M, and above T5 director level staff, the implementation of a week for at least 70 hours work, except the body condition. In the case of the total amount of the guarantee, the flexibility system can be properly implemented.


if the above news is true, I have to say, Jingdong cloud really good fight.

however, it is undeniable that, as a latecomer in the field of cloud computing, Jingdong is vigorously pursued, in the future to fight for a place in the market.

data show that cloud computing has become the Internet’s hottest growth pole. Major Internet giants, including Google, Facebook, Amazon have chosen to compete in this emerging market cloud computing.

Amazon’s latest quarterly results, AWS cloud computing business with 9.5% revenue share contributed 55% of operating profit share; Google Q2 reported "other income" reached $2 billion 170 million, an increase of 33%, the categories include the cloud computing business, Play Store and hardware sales revenue; Facebook is put forward the concept of open computing in early 2011, and to share the data center network architecture.

As for the

, Ali cloud leads the way ahead. Although the size of the Ali cloud is less than the Amazon, but the growth rate is amazing. Ali as early as 2009 set up Ali cloud computing Co., Ltd., has gone through 7 years, and ushered in the explosive growth in the past 5 quarters. According to Ali’s latest quarterly earnings, Ali cloud revenue reached 1 billion 243 million yuan, an increase of 156%, for the third consecutive quarter to maintain the growth of three digits. The Jingdong’s earnings, the revenue situation of cloud computing is not present.

according to a report released by Morgan Stanley, said Ali cloud is rapidly rising, its valuation alone has been as high as $39 billion, or even slightly ahead of the overall market value of Jingdong. Small friction estimates, 5 year revenue will exceed $18 billion 500 million, Ali cloud future analysts expected in fiscal year 2020, Ali cloud will become one of the most important revenue pillar Alibaba group, become electricity providers, payment after the third growth pole.

contrast Jingdong cloud, a late start, in 2011, Jingdong set up cloud platform sector. Until April 2012, the former head of the former royal cloud computing just as vice president and chief scientist of Jingdong technology, its cloud computing product layout was officially launched.

at the beginning of the 2016 annual meeting held by Jingdong, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong