of an electric drill, a piece of metal, true stories from the new single-handed Xiaohua "invention" of the solar water heater the first 80 liters of start. True water heater is located in Zhejiang Province, Ling’an City, founded in 1996, has been in the fiercely competitive market for 18 years, even from the United States, GREE hukouduoshi, two stations on the air industry. A company founded by a farmer can be a "longevity" brand in a highly competitive industry in China


"farmer geek" station on the air

said that the water heater is one of the most competitive industries in china.

after the reform and opening up, along with the new rural construction, urban transformation, the rapidly expanding of market demand for the vigorous development of the soil water heater industry; and from around the world into the information technology exchange collision China, making the industry technical threshold is greatly reduced; the manufacturing facility is to provide a blossom everywhere assembly has the advantages of low price, rich types the.

a small farm house, 35 farmers, into a batch of raw materials, is a water heater assembly plant.

enjoy the bonus while sitting in the reform, the water heater industry is also facing fierce competition, and even the emergence of dozens of dozens of brands snatch market situation. The industry seems to be prosperous, but a wave of Riptide, gold into madness, most people are frustrated.

1996 He Xiaohua founded the true water heater, 18 years, he has always been doing one thing: invented water heater.

Chinese entrepreneurs lack the "artisan spirit", for today’s popular words, is "focus", "perfection", is "sike". China’s society is too much wealth is found in the "opportunity", rather than the product, from the real social values, to promote the development of commercial civilization is not speculation, but focus on the product.

is a peasant origin, technology, personal invention at the time for assembling solar water heater is rare, has been a very inspirational story. But in He Xiaohua, the most admirable is that the technology of commercial development.

He Xiaohua

developed the first solar water heater, just as the advent of the mobile phone, for most people, fresh but distant. Moreover, the prevailing solar water heater is a piston type, the function is simple, and even can not be maintained: when the sun out of the sun during the day, once the night lost function.

He Xiaohua realized that the green energy such as solar energy, in the future will be the focus of attention, but because of the lack of practicality of piston type solar energy, will be eliminated by the market. So, the professor to ask again and again after the first water heater of the invention of He Xiaohua is the vacuum tube solar water heater, water heater which became popular on the market.

at that time, piston type solar water heater price is only two hundred or three hundred, while He Xiaohua R & D