when you enter this industry network marketing, means that you don’t like civil servants that can stop to rest, because of changes in the industry is the industry that will not change rapidly; as the network marketing industry, technology changes so serious, such as the earlier SEO, many practitioners predicted that SEO will be the next ten years is very popular occupation, but the fact is that in 2012, Baidu almost ended SEO, at least over SEO many theoretical knowledge and technical means, so that those who think of themselves as the SEO master of people instant missing arm little leg.

The collapse of

SEO, the SEM is more valued by people, people suddenly feel that SEM is to save the enterprise Paladin! The result is, in the enterprise SEM marketing is like a swarm of bees blind crunching, the price straight down, so that the search engine service providers to make over, enterprises are like a chicken ribs usually got. Companies fear, enterprises need to find a price higher than the SEM marketing; so SMO marketing and LBS marketing has emerged.

The surface of

, the network marketing industry as the spring and Autumn period, smoke, but to the feudal lords vying for the throne; a look, you will find that no matter what kind of new marketing model, their "biography" is all the same; in the interests, to the interests of. The author Li Xuezhi believes that this is why meet the eye everywhere in the network marketing industry control technology more and more, more and more common, halfway out of mediocrity. Just remember to never let the interests of a growing business, fight only makes one’s eyes become short-sighted, thoughts become insignificant, difficult to develop into a real talent.

if you are a real talent, then you will take the time to learn to change, or take the time to do specific work? Only the general mediocrity will extremely urgent put every kind of new marketing model as a subject to study, when he thinks well, going to practice when a new marketing mode has emerged; how terrible


network company Li Xuezhi think, whether it is SEO marketing, SEM marketing, SMO marketing, LBS marketing, or a marketing model behind will appear, their principle is the same: to help companies sell products. This shows that a marketing person is really concerned about the sales and the product itself. The network marketing mode are extensions of the Internet technology, and based on these technologies is often to convenience and comfort, and for the sale of technology must be low and difficult to popularize the technology, which is the popularity of the technology is often to a cause.

, for example, the birth of the search engine, it is to allow people to easily search for the desired information; the birth of QQ, it is to facilitate communication among people; so they will soon be popular, traditional. For example, the current LBS technology, it was quickly applied to various fields, and quickly formed a unique LBS marketing.