has been in touch with computer technology for nearly a year now.

During the

experience, I think through this article put them down, on the one hand, left to their own memories and reflection, on the other hand, we hope to be able to like me in the way a friend some reference and Inspiration of


in September last year, 07 years, while I work, while buying space and domain names, want to establish a training material type of website, when the webmaster to create passive income.

has been working on the industry since he graduated 06 years ago, so he has the idea of building the site. Domain name is also very good, feel. Called: www.go2learn.com.cn, consciousness is go to learn, translated into Chinese is to learn,

encourages people to "learn". I had always thought that the domain name has value, so has been preserved, although to the development of the network and the idea of a far cry from.

then went to learn about www.go2learn.com.cn’s business. At that time, I think to do the webmaster to create passive income is very simple, as long as a platform to publish the article, then someone comes to publish the article, after having put some advertising, or flow and training sector cooperation to promote their programs, then the commission. So the end is very full.

at that time, I have no knowledge of the site, not even html.

but because I really want to get this site up, find a network of friends to help companies, so that they find acquaintances to do, is to figure cheap.

at that time and site of the people on the QQ chat, to finalize the 500 dollars to help me do the website. The first is the effect diagram,

renderings I continue to do after the procedure.

next is the tension out of the effect chart, review, modify the process.

had more than a month’s time, help me do the man to give me the use of the site, although some local display is not very good, for example, click on our top page, enter the part became what power company.


and the following has become unrecognizable.

but the site can basically achieve the function of the article, and the home page can also look at.

so I add content every day, in order not to let the home page looked empty.

there are a lot of friends asked me how the whole website? I have answered "is doing it, but also good", and also encourage their friends to the site to see, because I was added to the content from the forum, sorted out from my previous training data inside, I personally think very much the value of.

later found, help me do the brothers with background is actually what action >