"when we talked to IDG, we talked about it in 5 hours." Luo Xu told me so.

Luo Xu is sharing technology CEO. Sharing technology is a development of enterprise collaborative office software entrepreneurial team, founded in December 2011, before I had interviewed its president Yang Bin (see "Yang Bin, can not go back to the media!"). Like Yang Bin, Luo Xu is also a media background, was in the "Southern Metropolis Daily" in charge of finance, and later he was also involved in the creation of the "Beijing News".

Luo Xu told me that on the office of enterprise collaboration, they want to pass. So, whenever I asked him questions that he had thought and reached a conclusion, Luo Xu would go on.

corporate social collaboration field is increasingly optimistic about the outside world and investors. In foreign markets, whether it is in the limelight of Salesforce, or 2012 listed at the end of Jive, or by Microsoft to $1 billion 200 million acquisition of Yammer, to the outside world and entrepreneurs show, this area seems to have a brilliant future. In China, this field also emerged a number of startups – Ming, Kingdee, etc..

in more than one hour of dialogue, in addition to product and business stories (which I will then separate the author), Luo Xuhua introduced me to a lot of time thinking about him and his team of enterprise collaboration platform.

share of technology products have gone through a transition – from trying to do a large and full enterprise collaboration tools for the transformation of small and medium enterprises for the use of the sales team to enjoy sales". Forshare technology want to have a China version of Yammer, but later found not reliable, this is why? Enterprise collaborative software should be able to attract more enterprises and users, to enjoy the numerous existing products down again, relatively more narrow range of sales tools, this is why


is here, I will according to the dialog related interview material are summarized as follows, for entrepreneurs in the field, and hope to stimulate discussion and thinking.

Yammer is not reliable: with social platform business never mind are crap

team just started, enjoy science and technology in accordance with the Yammer took a corporate social platform. However, Luo Xu found that Yammer model does not fly, he believes that the Yammer model has two problems:

1 Yammer this is similar to the internal form of BBS, no organizational boundaries, there is no organizational structure, the information is sent to the group inside.

2 Yammer no traffic.

Luo Xu believes that the social product and the product, the core is to have necessity, with some investors about, they come to the conclusion: social platform as long as business never mind are crap platform.

‘s thinking on enterprise collaborative application: according to hierarchy