Baidu, Tencent and Ali layout online education is not a secret, then, these three are now playing what progress it?

Penguin Jun I understand the situation, although the three are in the direction of the development of closed-loop service platform, but the progress is different, the specific situation is:

Taobao students the fastest progress, and play the most clear: the next line of business completely thrown out, franchise online education, and basically completed the platform infrastructure;

Baidu online education is tied with the education keyword advertising, although it is also building a service platform, but in fact, everything to look at the financial flow, is the most commercial taste;

Tencent is lagging behind, is still in the development stage of teaching tools, the most slow construction of related platforms, marketing has just started.

specific situation, please see below:

1.BAT online education is very similar to play: closed loop service platform.

Internet companies how to play the education industry veteran will tell you can have a variety of models, what video lectures, community, question bank, open class, of course, the legendary O2O.

but the above argument applies only to entrepreneurs, for BAT, the three way to do online education will be very similar, that is, closed loop teaching platform, because it is the only way for them to play volume.

and since it is a closed loop platform, natural things on their own, BAT need to do four basic things: looking for two types of people and provide the service of the two.

is the two class (including educational institutions, schools and individuals) and students, that is, sellers and buyers.

two types of services is the front-end electronic classroom and back-end curriculum trading platform, with these two types of services, you can meet the needs of consumers and settled in the most basic needs of the teaching.

understand this, we know that each of the missing BAT which links.

2 Ali Taobao students: the fastest progress.

Taobao itself is a trading platform and operating platform, so Ali’s online education needs to be strengthened is the electronic classroom, which is teaching tools. Therefore, Ali life Services Division was established Taobao students, the first thing is to launch the Ali Wangwang Taobao class version, reinforcing the link tool.

worth talking about is that Taobao’s play is very focused on students, in the last month, Taobao students will be removed under the curriculum sales line, focusing on doing online education platform. Taobao students in charge of Pei Binfeng’s words, that is, Taobao students do online learning platform.

it is understood that the assessment criteria is not the volume of Taobao students, but users and traffic. Electronic business platform did not test the water but test the user, it seems that Ali is the Taobao students as new products and future business to do.