May 14th released a new rule for the rebate website and Taobao the guest is a bolt from the blue. Taobao Taobao new regulations require customers to use and tools will be prohibited to provide Taobao commodity search services. Taobao customer applications and tools, including Taobao guest website, Taobao guest tools, xTao cooperation website and other application labels, illegal applications will be found as a violation of the severity of the punishment, and the rules will be implemented from June 1st. This provision means that a recently very popular rebate website and Taobao will not be able to call the guest website in station search service website, users can browse the rebate website and Taobao guest website information, jump to to search, and then return to the site to complete the consumer behavior.

we all know, the rebate website and other Taobao search by calling the guest website to show users the information back to Taobao and preferential business shop. In order to get more commission. Especially the rebate website, through the search for cashback information more directly presented to the user, is the main channel of the rebate website profit. Taobao is a new regulation, such as Amoy rebate website site will not call search, to a certain extent for the user does have some influence. According to a woman who runs the channel (Taobao women’s, said the website of Taobao passenger station, after Taobao customers had to promote the name, domain name and other restrictions, regulate the Taobao customer industry. A group of Taobao customers forced to change the name or domain name to adapt to the new regulations Taobao. Although some have a certain impact on the guest webmaster, but for Taobao customers to promote behavior, prevent some cheating breeding. The Taobao customer disable the greatest impact on the search, rebate website, and for Taobao guest webmaster, although the huge impact, but after all, Taobao search means huge advertising revenue and relates to the user experience, limit is also a matter of sooner or later. He also said that now has begun to do a single product promotion (treadmill, so you can avoid a similar incident. My Taobao guest website business for a few years, also experienced a lot of wind and rain, for those who suffer from disabling the search service Amoy class webmaster, he suggested that the site user experience and promotion, even if not directly call the search, also did not have too much influence.

for Taobao customers disable search, rebate website and Taobao off site response is not a. For the rebate website, the short term does have a huge impact, it is difficult to find a way to lift the ban Taobao search service. For most Taobao guest webmaster, a scouring network and Taobao customers and constantly improve the rules in recent years, some cheating in the past, and only rely on the search of profit is no longer the main mode of operation of Taobao off site. For Taobao customer sites, whether it is from attracting users obtain ranking point of view, or to meet the Taobao customers to promote the rule’s point of view, to make the user experience in the promotion work on the right path was born. The Taobao guest disable search, and did not disable Taobao customer site links to specific keywords search results, showing the details of the goods, show >