Hello everyone:

dark horse dark horse Alliance launched in December 12th to send gifts – Red Christmas with you! (, in a short period of time in a week, achieved very good results, on this basis, uusee is more effective in order to guide the installation and activation of the United League exclusive promotion new horse advertising, advertising the code adds new ideas, launch strong lust picture code, uusee exclusive network premiere, will hit a peak download activation.

please the webmaster to put in


Dark Horse Christmas Event:

activity cycle: 2007-12-12 days to 2008-01-12 only

activity content:

1 weeks pay treatment: from December 12th to start the calculation, in order to weeks as a unit, when the income of more than $500 a week, you can apply for weekly pay;

2 red envelopes treatment: in the activity cycle as a unit, during the activities of the members of the total income to achieve the ladder, you can get additional bonus red!

: as you improve the advertising effect tips:

In order to improve the

UUSee network television advertising to download and install and activate the number, please Adsense on their website page with the following code generation after each page will pop up top mounted UUSee television network that effectively guide users to download and install, activate


thank you for your cooperation!

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