BLUEHOST site, my Wangzhuan Road: I do Wangzhuan coincidence. Didn’t know what is the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, do not know where to start one, even a lucky hit to wangzhuan. This paper will introduce me to buy domain hosting space from the open shop on Taobao, then the site, the use of SEO knowledge to the road course Wangzhuan experience. My personal work time is fixed, 9 to 5, the weekend. Personal amateur time is abundant, but the income of some shy, often stretched, so the initiation of the use of spare time to earn some pocket money ideas, but do not know how to start.

heard that Taobao shop is good, online venture paradise, investment is not much, so began to test the water anyway, do not invest much money. Sell what, listen to a friend said do not understand the online selling calls is good, do not need to inventory, do not need logistics, but need to buy a prepaid recharge software, this software will be 300 yuan, did not understand to bargain, now know as long as a few dollars can buy up. Kui ah. Buy after selling software people under the guidance of assistant for uploading the data package, release of goods, recharge to a lot of people, but do not earn money, one can only earn a little money, but found that this software can sell, and sell a up to 400 of the Commission, only to find the original money let the people selling software to earn their own income, and they contributed a sum, since they can sell the software you want, I can. So selling calls while selling software, the phone charge more people, the credibility of a very short period of time to a diamond, I am very happy. Software but no one to buy, and make friends with a Taobao account to buy some recharge software in my shop, let the sales record breaking 0 embarrassment, it later, there were some real buyers found I sell calls good, also want to buy the software, a month has sold 2, not easy ah. The money to buy the software to recharge the money back.


think this is good ah, to earn a little extra money is required. Unexpectedly, Taobao suddenly launched its own recharge platform, so recharge software released in the search can be very few search to sell the software after the other people’s calls can not sell, the old to complain about me. We can not Kengren ah, after all, is next to the pit. The software is not sold, before and after months of credit up to 5 drill, money 2000, began to think of ways to do something else, remember to buy software when people send N Wangzhuan tutorial. Go and have a look.

then found himself interested in things: website, use SEO to increase the flow, and then make money advertising alliance. Then in accordance with the above tutorial, starting from the selected domain, to choose to buy the host space station program, to improve the website content, website SEO optimization, advertising, and then build another new station, repeat the above process, really spent a lot of time, but also learned a lot of knowledge wangzhuan.

then look at the tutorial tutorial is Wang Tong, Wang Tong is very good at marketing, the tutorial can speak make people excited, one day can earn $100, deal with 650>