remember last year met online in a technical expert, who is met on CSDN, I made a URL about how to do the static rewriting problem. The friend saw my post, gave me a message that can help me to solve, of course, to me is a website he built, the solution is also on the Internet, the problem is solved by adding his QQ, chatted a homely.

I saw his website hanging advertising is Ali’s mother’s advertising alliance, I asked him why he did not hang Baidu alliance or Google AdSense.

he told me, because at that time Google AdSense know you can click to make money, so every day looking for friends to help you during that time, every 50 yuan of income, who knows, before long, Google found cheating, the account was closed.

Baidu alliance? Because the traffic is not enough, of course, can not be adopted. But he also told the application, Baidu union is not successful not to say, website in Baidu’s ranking also put down a lot, that I don’t really understand? Does, Baidu access to your cheating message from Google as


had no choice but to choose Ali mother’s advertising alliance.

actually said that through the Baidu alliance and Google Adsense earn advertising fees, but also a skill to do things.

Google Adsense is to review your effective click, click on the ads click on the site more than 5% of the total, all cheating. There is a man with a Google AdSense advertisement on his website before me, but also the use of this kind of speculation, let us help these students to click, click every day are more than the number of Web site traffic, it was also as can be imagined. Account is not sealed, because when the application is to use their own ID number, so you do not want to use this ID number after the application of the Google adsense.

yesterday, the students also told me that he borrowed one of his friends identity card to apply for Google Adsense, thought they can do it this time, today received the message: your account had to apply for once, shall not apply again.

this time will be depressed, with the identity card number of others, the domain name is also changed, the space server is also changed, why can not apply at this time?

I think, this is certainly a record of Google before you have to save, once you meet the record of the last registration, are not registered. Because you cheat once, there is no chance!

so, everyone in the application of Google Adsense, don’t immediately think, click on the ads can take money.

when doing a site, must to flow as the foundation, if the site didn’t flow, the number of ads you click more is invalid, if people click on the ads too much, and was regarded as a dangerous "cheating