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entrepreneurial success is a major factor to identify and grasp the market segments. Reading to the child every day before going to sleep, perhaps is every parents the most happy time. Vancouver, Canada startups Storypanda focus on creating a children’s story platform on iPad, you can download and share a variety of children’s story books, but also allows parents and children together to create a new story. Their long-term goal is to provide a full range of children’s media services through iPad.

StoryPanda creativity comes from the founder Pavel · (Pavel Bains) daily life. Baines has a happy family with three lovely children. As a father, to tell a story for their children every day he, but often plagued by no new stories to the children. Buy the children’s story book was shelved after a finished, resulting in a large number of overhead and waste.

Baines asked myself: "how can we tell the kids with creative and moving story, let them with a contented smile to sleep? The other fathers probably have the same trouble?" Baines found in iPad after the launch, the children are more interested in children’s books on multimedia iPad. But e-books on iPad also need to pay for the purchase, but also can not borrow between friends.

he thus thought: if you create a story book application based on iPad platform, providing the best new children’s stories, but also let parents and children themselves to write a story, then allow friends to share with each other, it will be a very attractive business opportunities.

creativity comes from life, entrepreneurship needs partners. Baines to achieve the need for creative interface exquisite iPad applications and communication channels with the press. He also find suitable business partners: digital content James · (James Chutter), Chet iOS developer Derek · nellen (Derek Nylen); and good at art art director Simon · Vera (Simon Vieira).

Baines studied at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), has long been engaged in start-up companies related to the financial and marketing work, has accumulated a wealth of experience. The charter from Vancouver in Canada, the original digital content is a freelance writer, served as creative director positions in a number of Canadian media company, also served as the Canadian film board (National Film Board of Canada) writer.

May 2011, Chet and Tony.