2005, image recognition enterprise Riya.com (Like.com predecessor) to obtain Bay Partners and Leapfrog Ventures two well-known investment companies totaling $19 million 500 thousand to start a business venture. Riya.com founder Munjal Shah graduated from Stanford University, with a Ph.D. degree, is an expert in the field of image recognition, under the name of more than a dozen patents. Since then, came out of the Google to acquire Riya.com rumors, became a hot start-up company.

Riya has vowed to rely on text to identify the image on the face or object, and automate the process. In 2005, the computer technology has been quite mature, Google will also be similar to the function of their own image search (now in the Google image can also be seen in the face features, photos, etc.). Riya founder hopes to be able to use this technology for the circle of people or things, easy to image finishing, such as product development, and then put into commercial.

but they’re wrong.

Riya this set of image recognition system is too complex, divided into five steps, the two branches to operate. Even the founder of Munjal Shah also described his system: first need this, and then, again, in the end, we can make money, slightly complex." A year after the launch of the product, the product reaction dull, Riya felt the need to develop new products to change the strategy.

April 25, 2006, at midnight, on the Riya website Shah view traffic information, however, he found that people in the use of its products and will focus on the upload pictures and mark the picture, but to search for pictures. He immediately gave another founder Gokturk email inquiries "users in search of what?", 5 minutes after the reply "why they don’t use Google or YAHOO to search for pictures, and use our products


"why don’t they use Google or YAHOO to search for pictures and use our products?"

soon, they found the answer. Riya in the minds of consumers is not a picture store like Flickr, but a picture search engine. Consumers believe that their image search engine algorithm is superior to Google’s image search engine.


Riya quickly set up a new brand Like.com, create a new visual vertical shopping search engine, the development of image recognition system to search for shoes, handbags, watches, jewelry and other goods. Riya technology in