in UC, our decision-making mechanism is: everyone can say no, but there must be a person responsible for making decisions.

"entrepreneur" magazine article / Yu Yongfu

columnist introduction:

Yu Yongfu: UC advantage chairman and CEO

in early 2006, the first time I met today in the UC venture partner He Xiaopeng and Liang Liang, I was still thinking about the investment, and they are looking for investment two. Received a card they handed over, I froze a little: two people’s business card on how Title are deputy general manager

I immediately asked the general manager who is their answer to my eyes. In fact, the person in charge of the company’s Xiaopeng and Liang Jie, deputy general manager of the All India there are two considerations: the first is to meet customer’s time, if some of the questions not decided on the spot, said: "we can go back to talk with the boss". More importantly, they feel that the two are technical background, the future need to find a strategic planning, management and more mature people, when he came to the general manager.

this is my investment career has seen five hundred start-up companies, entrepreneurs can be the first to think of this problem, behind the show a great wisdom.

China technology startups

, has obvious growth ceiling, a staff of more than and 100 people, mostly cooked enterprise income 30 million, never grow up. Why because entrepreneurs are their own technology and product origin, in the company’s management and strategic planning is not good, but China’s entrepreneurial environment requires entrepreneurs, ten". If the investor is aware of this problem, it is often helpful to find a vice president to complement the team. However, due to a lot of things still need to enterprise one bit decision, the bottleneck problem can not be completely broken.

to break the bottleneck of growth, but also to the entrepreneur’s own "fight" consciousness. China’s current entrepreneurial environment, the requirements of the start-up company is ten Almighty, technology, products, management, market…… Any amount of water a "short board" will limit the barrel. Entrepreneurs can not go it alone, and the most efficient method to make up the short board is to find a partner.

I put forward the main elements of the management of Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi Liu three build team, set strategy, with the team has always been in mind, to have a big business, built team is the foundation. For entrepreneurs, the premise of group team is "like-minded", choose the partner is complementary to the core standard, you can not do, your partner can do; partner can not do, you can do it, we would each "more beautiful", the team will be more and more harmonious, let the team has become a perfect "cask".

if there are entrepreneurs to come to me to talk about investment, my first question will ask, "how many Partner do you have?". In my opinion, three people is a good entrepreneurial team structure. A person is very easy ", two people long What I say goes." >