in 2013 for many personal webmaster speaking, is a very unusual year, especially in the days after the year, love Shanghai one after another algorithm update, the webmaster did not give any respite, and even a lot of stationmaster now life can not even life. Let us not love Shanghai so vicious, in fact most of the time we should introspect the website operation, if there is a violation of certain rules, whether to adopt some cheating tactics? Like many webmaster are initially purely with some Shanghai Longfeng technique may rank, fundamentally do not care about the user experience so how can the site work, as can be imagined such to a good future of

, whether our website or search engine or are in fact the same purpose, it is needed to provide service for the users, that is to say as long as we are able to seize the user’s heart, let users really love your website, our website is sure to in the days after the success, also small in these years do station also summarizes three points below the share to everyone.


two, for a website is concerned, the behavior of users also occupy a large part of the role. When the initial on-line search engine, is not used, but it is.

we go too much with search engine change is not necessary, because our website is to give users point of view, the search engine is just a platform for users to search only, if we pay too much attention to the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng and ignore the user experience, and there is not have the order reversed. The answer is yes?. We are from the year after this time love Shanghai crazy on some website right down, K actually can think this is love in Shanghai to our webmaster provided a wake, flooding the Shanghai dragon optimization time has passed, the site should be toward a healthy future to struggle, is really the field provide the user need, really do pay attention to the user experience.

, we all know that search engines love Shanghai to grab our website is the one called "spider" robot, spider information data through our website source code to grab our site. For the search engine constantly updated and improved to what? In fact, or to let the spider can have the same with the user’s reading habits, so as to effectively judge the site really valuable, although the spider in this area can not really live in comparison, but again we can update the development spiders are also more humane, as I initially are some collection content, whether it is from the collection of web pages, are very good or ranking, and love Shanghai once in thirty year update, website ranking weights have all to no ashes to ashes, until the recovery so, we really want to do the work of users, from the user’s point of view to the maintenance of our website, then the spider will love our station.

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