!The first step of

during the collection of information, see a lot of good companies or good websites, forums, etc., very surprised and very happy, and immediately joined the favorites, like found a baby. I slowly contact some learning website construction promotion post, for example, I posted this website, the content is very rich, the post quality is very high. The more you study, the more interesting; the more interesting, the more you want to learn. In this way, I this weak woman slowly mixed into the ranks of the webmaster.

is to become a Witkey, first is the use of Witkey to make money effect, can let you at home on the Internet the money earned this advertisement is certainly very attractive, and registered as a natural Witkey is a very simple process, at the same time Witkey network itself can also provide you with the chance of promotion, promotion of one person in Witkey can give you points, commission, issued the task even will also give you a commission, the successful completion of tasks can also give you a commission, the transformation can effectively for income, naturally able to change a lot of people become Witkey

a lot of people! !In fact, Now

January 1, 2010, the preparation time of half a year has passed, the website is formally launched. When I enter the www.swahr.com, the moment I saw southwest agricultural talent network home, experience the excitement only experienced people can, I was tearful, hehe. The website promoter should be the person who has the deepest impression. I am updating some member information, news information and Forum blog every day. CEOs should pay more, and sometimes, second days on the line, found his morning two points of the task: Beauty webmaster, do the following things today…… Also see website progress gratifying share: Beauty webmaster, our website formally launched 20 days, world ranking from about 6000000 to 1 million, traffic is good, you work hard……. We also appreciate the hard work of web designers. At first, there were some places that were not perfect. After many consultations with the designers, the southwest agricultural talent network was improved a lot and ushered in

is due to agricultural college graduation and engaged in agricultural industry, the scope of business mainly in the southwest region, on which a more familiar, but also is the Sichuan Agricultural Uniersity and graduated from the Southwestern University, and is determined to build a "southwest agricultural talent network". We are Internet amateurs, also can be said to be site promotion idiot. But my boss encouraged me to study hard and make progress every day. Say, do, do, then register domain name swahr, ask art designer and program designer. On the other hand, I’m here to prepare some basic information, register the forum, blog, and write the website profile and membership service…… Looking back, the boss’s decision was brilliant. He even valued his privacy tactics. He said he liked the search engines on the one hand, and on the other, the members. The site is formally launched, and all of these can be used. Can go to large-scale website and forum to publish a post, have certain propagandist effect to the website.

the second step is to allow enterprises to become Witkey, now many online publishing tasks in Witkey most comes from the enterprise, after all enterprises or the rich. Tens of thousands of items just to push out, and for individuals to launch task more than a few thousand yuan, that is the most generous, or stay in a draft two stick a yuan stage, greatly reduces the cost of posting, but suffered a lot of post, earn less money, long past would be detrimental to the development of Witkey Witkey marketing, so want to change this situation, so the best way is to open the gap of natural enterprises, resulting in a large number of tasks the source, improve the threshold! So Witkey go to the right track of

just work soon, the boss said there is an idea: agricultural enterprises have difficulty in recruiting students in school is difficult to find a job, we will build a large-scale professional agricultural talent website.

Witkey marketing is a double-edged sword, may also cause devastating to yourself, if the above marketing is not successful, then it will make money effect of Witkey is greatly reduced, or even by the industry.

Witkey is also a platform for Wangzhuan fire, as long as we have a certain expertise are able to find a suitable part-time job, even if you can only name of Feng Shui, tellers are often able to find a good job, and this task is more, but the above task or low price amazing, or the price is very attractive, for low prices, often become arch-criminal confuse the market, because there will be to reduce the overall value of the industry trends, such as the post, now some 10 Fen rounds of a post, is really ridiculous, even 50 Fen winning percentage, and the price is very attractive. Usually, doesn’t make a person successful, is suspected of fraud, of course, these are not the Witkey network fault, it is the deliberate

in one or two months of collecting information, a lot of things surprise me. First let me collect enterprise information, initially feel not much, but more to the back, found more and more, the original so many agricultural enterprises. After collecting dozens of each day, one day found that there have been thousands of. Then is the collection of registered agricultural websites, forums, blogs, encyclopedias, and yellow pages…… All the same, I felt almost collected at the beginning, and later discovered that there were so many network resources that I knew too little.


is more and more people to participate in the development of Witkey, Witkey also ushered in the great opportunity, so Witkey network itself how to make marketing? We know that pig Witkey network marketing is very successful, with the network promotion, even CCTV also do these reports, marketing is a classic, quickly let the pig visibility on a lot! And Witkey market is very huge, now the Internet population has reached four hundred million or five hundred million, in fact, these people can become Witkey, as long as you have the knowledge, experience, are able to pass into the actual income Witkey platform, so the success of natural Witkey from the beginning of the development of Witkey