chain is to achieve diversity and universality. To do this, we can to the relevant website to release Witkey task task, to do the task of the advantages of Witkey is: "many things, now a lot of talent from all walks of life are looking for love on Witkey task part-time, sent to you to complete the task quickly, of course, to complete the task you have to spend money back, say, have to pay only the return, this is the truth. We can do so, this simple description: Send a link with you, only love Shanghai included can obtain a certain income, daily or weekly. Then can add forum and blog that requires high in weight on release, of course, there are a lot of laymen may also do not know what is PR, love Shanghai weight, so the required conditions should be considered fully, otherwise it will cause the task can not be completed successfully. The advantage of this method is able to do outside the chain of variety and range.

1, the use of novel copyright for the chain resources

so, how can we take the cooperation with the author? We can find contact information from the author and the author made contact with the author, as for how to take the process of cooperation, it needs some methods and skills and connections, this is not for specific instructions. But, remember, no matter what you do, have a peaceful attitude to complete, when you have the joy of others can have joy.

this may require certain skills and connections, but only if we take pains to do it, this method is very useful and most effective method about some specific practices: please open the novel website look, it is best to choose the domestic famous novel website, here I do not specifically examples of these websites, no suspicion advertising. When we open every story, will find novel works of the author will head with information, among which is the works of the author of QQ and personal home page links, we use personal information to this author and get outside the chain of resources. If the information contained in the chain of your information, the chain will be a very high quality. As we know, the first-class novel website content is the main object of four flow, three flow to the noveletish station acquisition, plagiarism (which will play a part, only personal views), when the second three novels of stream station acquisition, copying a novel, you outside of the chain also spread and spread, is also the beneficiaries. Of course, we get the chain resources like this, also need to get the works of the author to do.

we all know, the chain is an important parameter in the distribution of search engine weights, we also understand that a good and stable place also cannot leave the chain. However, the chain is not good in nature, it need to have a good attitude to collect. Below and you exchange, how to let you more easily collect the chain resources.

2, the use of Witkey task get more the chain