in China, it’s a common phenomenon for enterprise employees to sleep in an office. In some industries, this is due to low employee productivity. But in the technology industry, as business is growing so fast that many startups are hiring at a slower pace, employees have to work overtime at night to complete the schedule.

Liu Zhanyu says, "the kid will miss me.". It makes me feel guilty." He has a 3 year old son, and they can only meet at weekends.

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Xiang Xiang said: "the technology industry is mainly engaged in mental work.". Employees need time to find inspiration. Our rest area is not only for evening rest, but also for daytime use."

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recruitment and human resources platform Liu Zhanyu Miyou bucket hired sleep in the company conference room from Monday to Friday, so as not to spend more than 1 hours per day and rushed to the company from home in the eastern suburbs of Beijing. As head of the company’s big account, he and his one or two colleagues often rest in the conference room from midnight to 3 a.m. every day.

programmer Xiang Shiyang, 28, works overtime at least two hours a week until three or four a.m.. Apart from work, he does not have much time for socializing. "I don’t have a chance and I don’t have time to find a girlfriend," he says

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he said: "we need to get up at 8:30, because we will work at half past 9. We wash in the bathroom shared by all."

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After entering the tech industry,

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the first products he bought for his company were 12 high and low beds, and put them in the corner of the office.

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nut, a start-up data company. I went to the United States, where the competitive environment is not as fierce as china." He says his company’s programmers need to work overtime every day. To solve this problem, they were allowed to sleep at the company at noon and after 9 in the evening. They can lie on the table, lie on the sofa, or use a special couch.

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still sits on his desk or lies wherever he can lie. Last year, he and others founded his own cloud computing company, Baishan cloud technology.

 , a 40 year old Beijing resident, Xiang Xiang, was an engineer at the start of his job. He works for a machine company, so he often sleeps on the floor because he works in a 72 hour shift.

"The growth of China Internet Corporation is very fast," said Cui Meng, co-founder and general manager of

in the most extreme cases, some technology company employees live in the company even on weekdays.

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many employees say that the potential rewards of startups are worth a lot of work, but they also have to sacrifice their social activities.