, will be able to perform the content layout, develop other personnel, and the staff can withstand the workload of

is updated every day 10 to 20 articles, this is a large site, but the site’s content, basically is the pseudo original, few original.

enterprise website article, although there are also false original, but the workload will be relatively small, one day a week or one or two, but basically the enterprise website outsourcing to Shanghai dragon service company


simply said, is that the goal is to do rankings, complex point is the brand


large website and the enterprise website, large website general six or seven Shanghai Longfeng station editor, and general corporate website, an editor enough, many enterprises also can’t stand

two, Shanghai Longfeng station editor of the daily work of

first, we must first put the position orientation of Shanghai Dragon Well, to know each different Shanghai Longfeng post, on what to do about the author to write about different content, for reference only, do not answer


probably, you know is know, do Shanghai Longfeng supervisor, is the housekeeper, he wrote after planning, is staring at the following people work every day

!The second is to co-ordinate arrangements for the

then began to modify some small details through the actual operation of the implementation, because of Internet development, strategic direction is not change, this is one of the core content of Shanghai dragon head, and in the process, must be adjusted, only more real data and Reform in actual combat.

, began to enter So


first, according to the requirements of the boss, and make a simple sketch direction, let the boss can be simple in this direction, which can carry out the data collection

! !

if you want to segment words, it can be divided into: Shanghai Longfeng supervisor, Shanghai Longfeng station editor, Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station Commissioner, Shanghai Longfeng bidding specialist, of course, there is a Shanghai Dragon Technology Specialist, the premise is that he must understand program and transferred to Shanghai dragon industry, it is indeed difficult to see good! The following topics:


, director of the daily work of Shanghai dragon

can be accurate to say that a Shanghai dragon head is from other position of promotion, not born Shanghai dragon head, later to write the Shanghai dragon operation scheme, such as the website of Shanghai Longfeng main writing program, and arranged for task, let more of the website can show the value of.

a good supervisor control operation direction of a web site, is also an important lifeline, in other industries, may not charge what, but in the medical profession, if a charge is not good, basically less than a month will be.