customer site optimization should be relatively easy to fix, why? They should be for the concept of Shanghai dragon almost did not understand, many customers still rely on us to guide him to do, so the optimal time we advised him to do 5 words or so, so that let yourself get more relaxed, and it can make the keywords ranking, Shanghai Longfeng promotion personnel is a reasonable thing to say! Together with the following, it can be divided into three details:


two, according to the degree of competition to optimize the


now many small Internet companies or studios, the main source of income or rely on the site to help customers and promote the optimization of Shanghai dragon. And now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel a person to promote the 10 website, if not what skills to deal with it, not only can let oneself very tired and the effect is poor, so we should be in the optimization of customer sites, to have their own set of methods, that it will be easier to love today share some tips on customer site, Shanghai dragon optimization.

side said orders not to take a single skill method for optimizing the success rate, but some of the details of the favorable promotion. Now we found that many customers do keyword optimization promotion, ranking up he said no, worked hard to make up words, not received, for us is not a small blow, so we in the optimization before received the deposit should be a little higher, otherwise, many customers are not to regard it as right. The second is the number of keywords requirements is very important, such as customer requirements to optimize the 5 keywords to the home page, we only optimize 4 up, and regardless of how to get a get up, then we would tangle. This is the best way to solve, we can require customers to give a few words, if they want to optimize the 5 keywords, we can get them to 7, 8, as long as go up 5, even if we complete the task. This is not to be able to easily receive the customer’s money

, some skills when orders

for the degree of competition is to optimize, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a very important detail, whether it is to optimize your web site or the client’s website, this point can not be ignored. Now many novice friends to optimize the customer site, not to analyze the degree of competition keywords, brought to the outside the chain, all the time, each big forum, blog, the chain effect is definitely yes, but only 24 hours a day, except for eating and sleeping, remaining also didn’t have much time, if you do not need to spend a lot of time, and let yourself so tired. It received a customer station, if it is relatively unpopular long tail keywords, we only need to do well in the station optimization, such as title, Description, Keywords and other sites, and then send the chain on some high quality outside, one or two weeks will let those words have a rank; and if it is hot off >