began in September 21st of this year, I Shanghai Dragon movie website officially launched, at the time that the movie website of Shanghai dragon well done, good optimization, who knows, on-line less than a week was K, I talk about my experience. The first movie website built, 404 pages not set, related ROOBTS documents do not upload, cause love Shanghai spiders crawling out of my website directly. My name is an old name, before the chain is very powerful, as long as the site of a line, love Shanghai second days included the home page. I was too careless, the title of the site changed, the template also changed, the second day included. According to the truth, this should be a happy thing ah, but I was not happy, why? Because love is just on the line included Shanghai website title, I use the Marx movie website program, also the title is Marx, Marx is also the template at this time, I was scared to do? The title and template I have changed in the future development, it is necessary to change ah, no way, only waiting to be K. So, a few days of my Shanghai Dragon movie website is K, direct pull hair, all gone. Hey, in 2012, to do the film website really way out? At present, there are about ten million movie website, this is the love of Shanghai included, is not love Shanghai not included, you think how many movie website. So, in this case, we have to compete, others can do, we can do, others can make money we can make money, the movie website is a long-term profitable project, in the end how to make money, then I have to have people might say, now only to see the diary. Silly. I want to say is that I was not stupid, I didn’t read the diary, not paid much attention to this love Shanghai spider diary. Here, I want to say is, for a web site or do Shanghai dragon staff, IIS spider crawling diary must see, go every day, go to the dynamic analysis of the spider crawling.

website is not included, I went to see the diary, the frightened me, you guess what it is. I think if you are not professional Shanghai Longfeng personnel, or you don’t have to this person, you guess. I do Shanghai, more than a year, no major but not ambiguous ah, I have been in this spider crawling state to jump. Do not want to guess, more than 90% of the people are going to guess. The answer is: love Shanghai spider returning home code is 30400 of the code, do not know this code to love Shanghai, this code hurt me more than a month. This is because the code has led to love Shanghai not included in your web page, you remember.

to communicate or talk about the film, how to optimize the site today, and the movie website K or snapshot backwards, or long time snapshot not update solution. As we all know, the love of Shanghai algorithm is changing every day, so we do the movie site of Shanghai Longfeng personnel should be how to deal with this, I talk about their own views.