all the Shanghai dragon training academy optimization friends, everybody is good, I was Zhonghua, now in charge of the school website forum Shanghai Longfeng manager. As Shanghai manager for more than a month since the dragon on the school website, the forum conducted in-depth analysis, research on the history of the school website forum, Shanghai forum is love down the right reasons have a preliminary understanding.


site management, the consequences will be grievous


at the beginning of the forum since the school website has become very loose, in the forum post audit, resulting in a large number of garbage stickers appear in the forums, and even some discordant articles are also displayed in the forum, the user experience is very poor, website bounce rate is very high. In order to clean up the forum learning environment, then the manager will be in Shanghai dragon forum all non original stickers were removed, including the love of Shanghai has been included in the article are difficult to survive, and set up a post authority, limited non members forum posts. But it was too late, a new forum spam so much has to love Shanghai left a bad impression, free to delete love Shanghai has included in the article, more days after the right down the foreshadowing.


forum early mismanagement led to the emergence of a large number of spam

forum several revision

forum website, this is not the end, then do Shanghai Longfeng optimization training Liu XX once again make snap revision, the school website forum for courses and course fees will be free from course build a forum with the DZ program, using the WP program curriculum is still free. This revision also led to a large number of Web data loss.

Fang Zhonghua is a good friend of mine, and I have worked together for many years, is now the school website forum Shanghai Longfeng manager. Today, Zhang Qiya invited him, let him give you an analysis, after the school website forum open station for 1 years, why cause love Shanghai depth right down, how to implement remedial measures will pull out the K swamp station website.

in the school website forum love Shanghai ranked peak forum to do the main keywords ranking all love Shanghai before three, a large site traffic. Because of the design before the forum just for station enthusiasts exchange, so there is a big shortage in the design section. In order to make up for the defects of section, the forum administrator invited Shanghai dragon to optimize the training Liu XX served as manager of Shanghai dragon. After taking office, Shanghai Longfeng manager and no systematic analysis of the site, directly on the site for a massive facelift, delete all the content of the forum before. From the forum program enabled WP program, and not on the entire website pseudo static settings. Step by step and bad, lead to the school website forum included love Shanghai greatly reduced, from hundreds to dozens, a large number of long tail keywords ranking disappear, target keywords ranking fell into the hundred outside.


website forum repeatedly revised inducement of

love Shanghai right down