I horse Guide: 20 years ago, a small guard, from his home with a 500 yuan to Shenzhen chuangdang. Now, he is the beauty of City boss Zheng Yaonan, the annual turnover of 6 billion yuan. 20 years, how he staged grass root counterattack remember


note, Zheng Yaonan is on the right.

is more than ten years, many people go without a single success. Urban beauty boss Zheng Yaonan from the bottom of society, has become one of the richest people in Chinese, staged a counter attack on the wonderful grass root.

one, the gatekeeper also look different from others

1995, Zheng Yaonan was 20 years old, when it was time to reform the spring breeze. Zheng Yaonan from Fujian, Gutian home with 500 dollars, went to Shenzhen. Only graduated from secondary school, he was able to find the first job is to do security at WAL-MART headquarters in China, the gatekeeper.

Even if he is to watch

, do the best. He will pay attention to the name of every person who comes in and out, and call them out when they meet. Because of his intelligence, a few months later, he transferred from the headquarters of the security guards to the store security. For others, it’s just another place to watch. For Zheng Yaonan, it was a big change in his life.

in the store to do security, he carefully observed learning, study the psychology of consumers to buy things, how to sell the salesman to sell things, the study is how to manage the supermarket. When he knew that a little cosmetics can be sold to the 300’s, his heart is under tremendous impact, resolutely diverted to sales. Two years later, he quit his business, with their own hands of more than 20 thousand yuan, opened the first cosmetics store. A year later, it was 8.

seems to be doing well. One day, he saw a stall selling bra, a 10 yuan of underwear, one hour turnover actually sold almost 1000 yuan! And he does not sit, founded the city beauty wind underwear company, which is the predecessor of urban women now.

Zheng Yaonan’s success, and his body of this research can not be separated. Zheng Yaonan now has at least 40 days a year, at least one book a month, and a diary every night. He always with a book on his body, when chatting with others to find useful ideas to write down. People who have seen Zheng Yaonan said that he spoke very well, who would have thought that he only graduated from secondary school.

Zheng Yaonan has always believed in four words: God helps those who help themselves. This is his greatest experience to entrepreneurs.

two, his contrarian expansion strategy: copy

Zheng Yaonan Li Jiacheng’s work quite demeanor, his strategy is contrarian hunters. By the end of 2013, urban beauty terminal sales of nearly 6 billion, the number of stores more than 5800. In fact, he is the most important opportunity to expand two times.

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