A, a new station is the most important is the profit orientation, whether we believe we need to know where a site in their profit, this is my usual style. When I was in communication with customers will probably ask them how to profit, or profit and the proportion, I am a layman, but I am also a kind people, I hope that my client through my service in Shanghai dragon earned him his satisfaction with the money, is willing to give me satisfaction the reward, only to grasp the customer profitability we can choose the best keywords for customers, to maximize the effectiveness of website optimization.

B, the planning structure of the site is actually very simple, only need a reasonable structure, to the search engine grab on the line, but it is worth noting that the page level or need to have a good grasp, as far as possible the shallow point, then do not often change the page as far as possible not so much on the OK.

D, the chain layout, it is the content page chain chain chain home page, content page, column page, and link to each other at all levels of the page, but for the planning.

for new sites a lot of people ask me how to optimize, in fact I am not very well, but I know a very important point, that is to start. You may also be asked to do what? I think a site began to do is plan, profit planning direction, planning site structure, keyword layout planning, planning chain layout. Because I come into contact with the enterprise enterprise site, so this station as an example for everyone to talk about the need for the four aspects of planning.

C, keywords layout is a key site in the optimization process, we all know that when we hadn’t been accumulation of keywords search engine that may have a good ranking, but once found will be punished accordingly, here we have to do is the keyword layout, especially the head key layout Chinaz, I looked for the spider’s simulation, found an important part by the three part of the site is the site of the title, then the head start text about the character of 600-700 keyword density, it is worth noting that Keywords tag and description tag is not included in the inside, so the layout will in these parts the layout is quite good.

1, start planning new optimization on

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Recently took over 1 new sites, the new site is always a headache, because there are a lot of problems we need to solve, the first is the content of construction, because the new station is a new industry, looking for new content is likely to approach some other industries is not very practical, we need to open up the content of different factories secondly, is the chain, for the construction of the chain for me or do very well, I believe in my ability, but the headache is the chain to the construction of high quality need to spend more time. Today I took such a few headaches for everyone to talk about how to optimize the station.