in addition to the text forms, including website pictures, etc, these are to be considered, although a lot of things can not be done in one step, but the station can do at least a little, that is to do original, a 1000 law article, you can find the in many websites, why should others on your site to see? And some functions only slowly to improve the website, like Tencent QQ, all the time to update their products, to provide more quality services, only constantly improve the content, to provide users more surprises, others can never.

content to attract usersThe contents of


in addition to publicity and promotion of course is not enough, for example, most of the time, we play in the bus or XXX on television advertising, to enter the site to see, with other sites also there is not much difference, even worse than the others in this website, the price is even higher, this is no way to retain users, website there is a unique attraction, in order to allow users to look for others, through publicity, advertising is better than their own, this is the reputation of the propaganda website, to achieve this effect, Shanghai website that a site in addition to packaging, publicity and promotion, also need to do well in the station in two aspects:

in the user oriented era, only to meet the needs of users, can make your site go further, now the Internet site of thousands, can really go long, but not too much, lack of experience and a lot of new sites will fall, another batch, see a lot of success and failure of the site, a careful analysis of the site, in addition to the need to adhere to the outside, of course too, how to package and promotion, let others know your website quickly, it is also very important to the side.

used QQ friends all know, the layout and its operations are often changed, many functions now it is also much simpler than in the past, a lot of unfavorable factors also slowly improved, such as space message, access to the album, before you can casually to others to see the beauty of space look handsome. You can also leave your footprint, now these are set by the users themselves, better protect their privacy, and operation have been improved, such as the previous space about recovery, we must enter the space to reply, now have the convenience of our dialogue:

is our website so don’t get too complicated, do not think that the user is just as clever as you, a lot of their own web site to enter, there will be a sense of disorientation, don’t know how to find what you want, I think users encounter this kind of situation, few people have the patience to find out, they are replaced by opt out, close the site, so the function of the website is best to do the simple, user-friendly operation is the best.

is the first: the convenient and easy operation