, the server is not stable due to space stability of the site optimization is very important, and is one of the reasons the most problematic. When every time the spider in the best of spirits come to your website, because the server is not stable, which had a cold-shoulder treatment, seriously affected the friendly spider on the site, so there will be the phenomenon of file snapshot.

two, Links punished: Links on site optimization is great, but if the site exchange Links appeared right down, K station and other phenomena, on your website will also appear joint action, love Shanghai on your web site, friendly, so if found Links appeared the problem, must as soon as possible with the other station communication temporary takedown Links.

snapshot is a lot of Shanghai dragon ER encountered something, a lot of people see their website snapshot, confound it, do not know how to do. Of course the snapshot is not necessarily is the site of the reason, but this is certainly not a good thing, there must be a link caused dissatisfaction with the spider love Shanghai. So the love Shanghai snapshot, don’t worry, first to properly analyze causes, correct mistakes and avoid mistakes again. I have a website recently appeared frequently snapshot, as shown in figure

three, title often modify the page title: many people do not put the site in the early site clear positioning, leading online included will modify the site title title, led to a snapshot of the file. Easily modify the site title is likely to be the love of Shanghai down the right treatment, even the site back into the sandbox, causing the site to ascend the long-term ranking.

four, the content is not updated in a timely manner: website content is the site of the backbone, whenever the spider came to your website Web site is not updated long-term new content discovery, only let him disappointed, the spider on the site in the course of time will feel boring, probably will not come back to visit this website, the snapshot will stagnate in the last spider a website, because the content construction must be regularly quantitative, give the spider a rule, make it a habit.

five, website content is relatively poor in quality: now there are many webmaster because the time is not sufficient, choose to use the acquisition to enrich website content, as everyone knows, the search engines love something high quality of the original, but if the site of most of the information comes, will search engine friendliness to the website, may lead to drop right the.

after personal analysis is finishing the seven reasons snapshot often retreated, a wise remark of an experienced person if there is no proper place, still hope.


six, the chain increased law: the construction of the chain is one of the methods to improve the weights of the website, and some owners do not have the law in the construction of the chain, so that the search engine optimization is very negative, if one day intermittent increase in the outer chain, also.