scripts: "an arithmetic problem: people = eat + sleep + work + play" = pig = eat + sleep = pig + work + play people play = pig + work do not know people who play = = pigs who will go to work. Man = eat + sleep + earn money, man = pig + earn money, man earn money = pig, conclusion: men do not make money, equal to pig. Women = eat + sleep + spend money = women = pigs >

as we all know, entrepreneurship is never accomplished overnight, it requires a basic entrepreneurial culture, and this culture originates from all aspects of life. Because, every good as will temper the quality, every little minds will be derived from the wisdom. Here, from the following 11 small pieces to see the wisdom of entrepreneurial culture reflects it,

4, the goal can also be humorous.

entrepreneurial culture: no matter what venture projects, it has its public side, useful to society, is one of the basic prerequisite for its existence. Public service is the essence of sincerity, is that care is to move, is a real dedication. A small act, to reflect your entrepreneurial culture; a small move, will also be the most effective diffusion marketing.

2, humanized management.

entering the Internet, inexperienced

note: this stage is the most difficult stage, to update the website content, to send the chain, which needs to be done, but there are many webmaster friends do not want to write articles, especially now that college students love to play, so after some of the new building is abandoned, I think as long as we live in this stage then, from the road to success is not far away, I am at this stage.

: "one day, a 80 year old mother went to dinner and asked the waiter," I only have 2 dollars. I want to have soup. " Because the old woman ear is not clear, not clear, at that time I can clearly feel the old woman’s helpless mood, the old woman almost cried. Then the waiter brought a bowl of soup rice. The mother-in-law saw the egg in it and said, "I don’t want meat, I only have two dollars." The waiter said, "Granny, this is no money. Take it slowly."

has just entered the Internet, just to see other people’s website is also very simple, then every day in the forum, learning some of the station, about 1 months now, I feel the accumulated rich site knowledge, then according to the knowledge of a domain name register then, in the Taobao rented a small space, but this time also met the first thing, I will not resolve the domain name, or Taobao sellers step by step under the guidance of DNS completed this process, and finally to choose the network station program, this process is quite troublesome, then I chose a Dede site program, this is the status of just entering the Internet, at that time I was a little knowledge, but no practical experience.

from the beginning of the 10 year officially entered the Internet, today has more than two years later, in the past two years time and I set up 6 websites, and today there are two successful websites, experience such a long time I have to share my experience of building web sites.


entrepreneurial culture: human management has never been too dogmatic absolutism, if your management is tend to 100% prevention and control, then "water to the clear is no fish", the results can be imagined. Human management has never been excessive entertainment, compulsive play is a good thing, but too much formalism will only make the team go to vanity.

scripts: "what era, just discipline, and then want to get meritorious service, there is no such thing.". – Yi Shu,

3, public good is sincere.

in building site after this time, I had a full range of design and modification of the site, from the establishment, website title and keywords to the web page and column design etc. I have a lot of work, hard work pays off, after a long time of exercise, and the tactics of our website more skillful, ah, ah, what title keyword content ah so I can easily finish, the greatest difficulty encountered in this period of time is the search engine problem. Just started when the station are not very concerned about the search engine’s view, one-sided view that as long as they do well site search engine can not included? After the final to remind colleagues know website after still need their own fate caused some of the chain search engine note, the chain quality is good and so my sh419 under peer recommendation, know Sina blog made a few outside the chain, did not think the effect is very good, made third days after the site was collected, with hundreds of small places.

piece: "the wind can blow a big white paper, but cannot blow away a butterfly, because the power of life lies in disobedience.". – Feng Jicai,

entrepreneurial culture: do any industry, have to do some performance in the post. Autonomous, and has the most efficient and most free work melody, know what you are doing, what to do, willing to do so, and can do so, and eventually can succeed. If only for performance and work, and fill in the blanks that do almost rest on its laurels, dialing a toggle easily, all the consequences of mechanization is to expand and fall apart.

What all don’t understand when

tip: This is a long process, a lot of access to the Internet webmaster friends can not endure that is what all don’t understand, to give up high on the Internet and I think in this process do not expect to make money, and should consult, make some friends, which one thing just started to the success of


Internet practice, more and more frustrated,

1, performance appraisal.